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Introducing Spa Salon : A premium WordPress Theme for Beauty and Health Business

priyanshu | Oct 24,2013 |   No Comments |

We at Webriti have been hard at work for last 6 months.  We launched the lite version of the Spa Salon theme 2 months back and the feedback gave us the confidence to start the work on the premium version. After 2 months of Non Stop work we are really excited to release the premium version to the world.  The premium version boasts of a lot of additional features. Here are some of them

1) About Us Template:

So if you run a beauty business then chances are that you have a core team of members who are collectively responsible for your company’s success. The About Us template  is designed to showcase the people behind the business.  The team members can be added through a Custom Post Type which makes creating the page a snap.

2) Services Details:

With the Service Page Template it is easy to showcase the services which your business offers.  The Services page is available in 2 variations, One Column and Two Columns.

3) Products Template:

If your business also sells beauty products then this template is for you. It allows you to easily showcase the products in a tabular fashion. The products can be added via a custom post type.

4) Featured Service Template:

If you want to showcase a product or a service in detail then this template is for you.  This templates effectively uses featured image to drive home the points

5) Responsive Home Page Slider:

 With premium version you can showcase the most important services on the  Home page slider.

6) Responsive Design:

The premium version is completely responsive and will display perfectly on your mobile and tablet devices.

7) Custom Widgets:

The premium version comes with 3 custom widgets.. Recent Products , Recent Blog and Contact Us. These custom widgets make it easy to customize the sidebar to suit your business requirements.  

Have look at the complete demo here. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

Spa Salon was designed  with Beauty and Health Business in mind but it does not mean that other business cannot use the template. The features ensure that the theme is customizable to fit the need of most type of business websites. Some of the business which might find the theme useful are Yoga Studios, Massage Centers, Counselors etc.  In our next blog post we will try to cover some of the business which are using Spa Salon theme for powering their online presence.

Weebly vs Wix: Which is the best DIY website maker

Ashwini Sah | Jul 29,2013 |   No Comments |

We have already talked about the open source website scripts in the previous story, WordPress vs Joomla. While these open source scripts deliver a great control over websites, they definitely need a learning curve. You can pretty easily learn beginners essentials e.g buying a domain, webhost etc though our web development tutorial series, but learning about working on WordPress or Joomla like a pro takes a bit of time.

If you are in a hurry to launch your first website, you can take a route to DIY (Do it yourself) website builders. Instead of starting with hosting and configuration, you can directly jump in to an easy to use backend to drag and drop the elements of your website.
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Search Engine Optimization in WordPress

Shaumik Daityari | Jul 14,2013 |   No Comments |

Category: Beginner

If you open a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo and search for a term and hit enter, you are more likely to visit links that appear on the top, and preferably on the first page of the results. There is a reason why some of those websites rank higher than others and the basic reason is SEO!

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WordPress vs Joomla: Which is the best content management system

Ashwini Sah | Jul 13,2013 |   No Comments |

Having gone through the primary requisites of , and domain mapping, its time to decide how to actually build the pages of your website.

There are several ways to go about it. The most basic and also the most intimidating road to build your web page is to hand code it using programming languages like HTML, CSS and Javascript. The problem with this traditional method  is that it involves a  pretty long learning curve that often scares away the non-tech-savvy user.

This problem was solved with the advent of open source content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and Joomla. These provided a graphical user-interface and considerably reduced the need to learn any of the programming languages. You could just click a couple of buttons here and there and voila! You would have had a page with its most common elements flash on your screen.Read More

8 things to do after installing WordPress

Shaumik Daityari | Jul 9,2013 |   No Comments |

Category: Beginner

Now that you have a running WordPress site, you need to make sure that known glitches are minimized and everything runs smoothly. There are certain guidelines that can you follow and features or tools that you can use to increase your site’s functionality.

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Improving Accessibility for your WordPress Site

Shaumik Daityari | Jul 6,2013 |   No Comments |

Category: Advanced

Let’s say you have a great site, awesome graphics, smooth transitions and an ever increasing readership. You should be really happy! Well, there is one thing your site might be missing out on- and that is accessibility.

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How to Map a domain with web host

Ashwini Sah | Jul 5,2013 |   No Comments |

When you have registered a domain and , it time to map the domain with your web host. This step might not be required if you have purchased both domains and web hosting from same provider. But if providers for Domains and web hosts are different, you need to map the domain with host server.
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Adding Facebook Like Box and Facebook Comments to WordPress

Shaumik Daityari | Jul 3,2013 |   one comments

Category: Intermediate

It’s no secret that Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world at present, although Google + and Twitter are not so far behind. You would only be smart if you use that to your advantage and help grow your user base. In this tutorial, we will look at ways in which you can integrate the Facebook API and link your website to Facebook in every possible way.Read More

Managing your WordPress database using PhpMyAdmin

Shaumik Daityari | Jun 30,2013 |   No Comments

Category: Beginner

WordPress is written in PHP and uses MySQL for saving data, and requires a web server like Apache to run. Bluntly put, WordPress uses PHP to send and receive data from the database, where the queries are run by MySQL, whereas the user interface is . Technically, knowledge of neither of these technologies is required for you to run a WordPress blog. That being said, with a little bit of eagerness to understand how they work would definitely help you to optimize your blog.

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Tips to get good web hosting services [Free or paid]

Ashwini Sah | Jun 28,2013 |   No Comments

After you have , its time to look out for a webhost to host the files related to your website. Note that a website is nothing but set of files written in language that web browsers can read and display in a web format. A web host is a computer (or Hard drive) which stores your file and delivers to browsers whenever requested. You can easily make your own computer a web host but then you will need to keep it online 24×7. Practically hosting your website on your own computer is neither feasible nor cost effective. Hence, it is recommended to get services from webhosts who keep their servers always online.

Getting a quality web host is absolutely necessary for the success of your website as it effects the user experience a lot. While a bad host may result into frequent downtimes, slow loading of web pages, it may also come as a big pain for you if it has a non friendly backend or tech support. Here we are underlining a few tips to help you out choosing a good free or paid web host.

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