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Documentation for Easy Instagram Feed Plugin – Lite Version

priyanshu | Dec 22,2014 |   one comments |

This is fairly simple to setup , below find the step by step approach.


Step 1:  Download easy instagram feed plugin and after activation you will get  the menu by the name “Easy Instagram Feed” as shown in the snapshot below.


Step 2: Click on the button highlighted in the snapshot below. You will be asked to specify your username and password. On success you will be redirected to the General Settings which automatically configure’s  your access token and user id.


You will automatically get your access token and user id. Save these settings.


Step 3: Next customize the plugin as per you requirement.


Step 4: Next add the shortcode easyinstagramfeed on the WordPress pages / posts .

We are continuously working on the new features. Hope you will find this plugin useful.

Also watch Easy instagram feed pro beta demo

Documentation for FaceBook Feed Plugin – Lite Version

ankit | Dec 22,2014 |   No Comments

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The Facebook Feed Plugin is extremely simple to use and lets you display feed of any public Facebook Page on your WordPress website.


Here are the steps to display the Feed on your website

1) Install and Activate the Plugin

2) Go to Webriti FaceBook Feed Menu and enter the Facebook Page ID. Refer to the attached screenshot

Settings Screen




3) Insert the shortcode

in to any Page / Post

4) Thats it, the Feed now appears on your website.


We Have a lot of features in pipeline. We will be incorporating them in near future. We welcome user feedback and would love to get suggestions from our users.

We plan to add support for Design and Typography customization, Multiple Feeds, Date Format selection etc in upcoming releases.