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5 Quick tips to improve page load performance of a WordPress site

Ashwini Sah | Nov 22,2013 |   3 comments

Over the years WordPress has evolved from a simplistic blogging engine to a very Powerful CMS. Despite of being an awesome CMS, WordPress comes with its own set of issues. One issue that should concern you most is that, it’s fairly slow in comparison to many other platforms.  Every element of your webpage (e.g. widgets, comment forms etc.) on WordPress makes a database call and it negatively affects the page loading time.

Improving page load time – Why it’s important?

A slow website can’t hold visitors for long. Worse, if the first page served to a new visitor is taking too much time to load. He might give up the idea to wait and go away, without even giving a glance to your content. Isn’t that a chance lost?

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Styling Options, Custom Fonts , Multiple Page Layouts and more goodness

ankit | Nov 20,2013 |   No Comments

Webriti is one month old today. We launched our first theme exactly 30 days back and have been happy with the reception it got. The best part is that our users are activly using the theme and providing us with feedback and suggestions.  Based on the suggestions we have decided to add new features to our current and future theme. All the features are aimed at proving more control over styling and layout. Here is a short List:

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After releasing 2 premium themes.. Time now to work on our own website

ankit | Nov 11,2013 |   No Comments

In last 30 days we have released two premium themes Spa Salon  and Busiprof.  We got so busy that we did not get any time to work on our own website.  Now that we are back from Diwali holidays all charged up, the time has now come to give a face-lift to Webriti.

Here is what we plan to improve in the coming weeks.

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Introducing Busiprof: A Clean Business Theme

priyanshu | Nov 8,2013 |   No Comments

After pulling in a new all nighters we have finally released the premium version of our latest theme: Busiprof.

Our earlier theme was targeted towards a niche. With Busiprof we have tried to come up with a theme which is ideal for developing corporate websites.  The premium version has a lot of additional features. Here is a list:

1) About Us Template: In Coprorate websites, The team page plays a very important role. It shows the people and the team behind your business. The Busiprof About Us template enables you to showcase the team in a unique manner.

2) Testimonials Custom Post Type: Customers testimonials are the best form of marketing for your business. With testimonials custom post type, display customers testimonials on any page

3) Portfolio Template: The portfolio template is ideal for showcasing the work done by your business.

4) Responsive Home Page Slider:

 With premium version you can showcase the most important services on the  Home page slider.

5) Responsive Design:

The premium version is completely responsive and will display perfectly on your mobile and tablet devices.

6) Custom Widgets:

The premium version comes with 2 custom widgets..  Recent Blog and Contact Us. These custom widgets make it easy to customize the sidebar to suit your business requirements.

7) Widgetized Footer: Busiprof supports widgetized footer.

Have look at the complete demo here. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.