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How to Easily Add Google Translate to a WordPress Website

priyanshu | May 20,2013 |   2 comments

If your website has a lot of visitors from Non-English speaking countries then adding a translation option to your website can help in improving the user experience. In this tutorial I will show you a simple method for adding Google Translate with out any coding.

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5 alternative to Weebly Site Statistics

priyanshu | May 13,2013 |   No Comments

In this article we will talk about different website analytics services which can be used as an alternative to Weebly Site Statistics.  Now you might ask that why should I use a third party service for a feature which is already provided by Weebly?

 Why Look for Alternatives?

1) Accuracy: The biggest benefit of using a third party analytics package is Accuracy. Many people have expressed their concern over the accuracy and the methods which Weebly uses to track website traffic. Tools like Google Analytics are more accurate than Weebly Stats.

2) Features: Weebly Statistics are quite basic. Infact I would say they are insufficient for in-depth analysis. Weebly only provides you with basic stats like Page Views, Unique Visitors, Top Pages, Search Terms and Referring Sites. What if you want to track demographic data or time spent per page or twitter mentions? If you require advanced statistics, you will be better off using a dedicated analytics tool.  Weebly is a DIY Website builder first and then an analytics provider.

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