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How to make a logo in photoshop

priyanshu | Jun 22,2011 |   one comments

Step 1. Go to the file menu choose a new document.

Step 2. Select bagkground layer fill background color solid black #000000.

Step 3. Go to tools and select ‘custom shape tool (U)’

Step 4. Go to set shape to create.

Step 5. Select home shape and drag it.

Step 6. Drag the home shape.

Step 7. Go to the window  select  style and use it.

Step 8. Now using the text tool type the word “Realstate” on the screen using white as the color. The font that I am using is ‘Bauhaus-Thin Wide’ and the size is 48pt.

Step 9. Now open the Layer Style window by right clicking the layer and selecting Blending Options.

Step 10. Now choose an Outer Glow with the following settings in layer style.

Step 11. And Now choose the Bevel and Emboss settings.

Step 12. Then apply this gradient overlay.

Step 13. Choose here are the color settings for the gradient.

Step 14. Now apply the settings and your image should look like this.

Step 15. Now we need to add another layer. With the shape Custom Shape tool select the fire shape, pictured below. This is a default shape in Photoshop CS3. and Use white as your fore color and draw a large section of fire over top of your text.

Step 16. Now set the layer blend mode to Overlay and reduce the Opacity to 60%.

Step 17. Now you are finished. Your final logo image should look like this.

Creating a Coming Soon Page with WordPress- In under 10 mins

ankit | Jun 20,2011 |   2 comments


Creating a Coming Soon Page in WordPress is super easy. All it take is a free theme and 10 mins. The end result would look like this


Is’nt it beautiful. It also has a countdown timer and a Newsletter Subscription Box. Setting it up is a breeze, just follow the below steps and you will have a functional site in 10 mins.

Install WordPress: Download and install WordPress on your server. It is a pretty straight forward task. If you still want some help with it then check out

Install Placeholder Theme : Once the WordPress is installed, go and download placeholder theme. It is developed by Woothemes and is free to use. A note on Woothemes.. They are an awesome company have some really great themes. Check them out.

Install the Theme Installation is straight forward. Once the installation is done make the following changes

– Insert your own text, It can be done by going to Theme Options->Introduction

– Insert the countdown time. By going to Theme Options->Countdown

– One can also change the background Image by going to Styling Options.

Save the changes and thats it. We now have a see a shiny new Coming Soon Page .. and all that for free .

Whts the difference b/n pages and posts

priyanshu | Jun 19,2011 |   No Comments

In general, Pages are very similar to Posts in that they both have Titles and Content and can use your site’s Presentation Templates to maintain a consistent look throughout your site. Pages, though, have several key distinctions that make them quite different from Posts.

  • pages are last time dependent that post
  • they can be organized into pages and subpages
  • each page can have different page templates

What Pages are Not:

  • Pages are not Posts. They do not cycle through your blog’s main page. (Note: You can include Posts in Pages by using the Inline Posts Plugin.)
  • Pages cannot be associated with Categories and cannot be assigned Tags.
  • Pages are not files. They are stored in your database just like Posts are.
  • Although you can put Template Tags and PHP code into a Page Template, you cannot put these into the content of a Page and expect them to run.

One can change the display of the front page

go to Setting >Readings and select a radio button A static Page opposite front page displays and than select the page you want to show as a Front page/ Home page. see the images below

Chage the wordpress front page display

Selecting "first page" as a static front page

Front page

"first page" will now becomes a front page

How to dispaly list of categories without links in WordPress

priyanshu | Jun 19,2011 |   No Comments

You can use a function get_categories for this

This function Returns an array of category objects matching the query parameters.

Arguments are pretty much the same as wp_list_categories and can be passed as either array or in query syntax.

in short you can use this snippet

foreach((get_categories()) as $category) {
echo “<li>”.$category->name .”</li>”;

note # make sure that atleast one post is present in all of  the categories

How to remove navigation bar from the header in WordPress

priyanshu | Jun 19,2011 |   No Comments

Go to your header file(header.php) and here you will  find a function wp_nav_menu($args)

This function Displays a navigation menu created in the Appearance → Menus panel.

So if you did not want to show the navigation bar than you can remove the php script through which this founction is called  and finally you will get the desired result as shown in the image below(no navigation bar)

WordPress header without navigation bars

Header with no navigation bar

In some cases function wp_page_menu($args) is used in header file in order  to show a  navigation bar.

wp_page_menu($args) # Displays a list of WordPress Pages as links, and affords the opportunity to have Home added automatically to the list of Pages displayed. This Tag is useful to customize the Sidebar or Header.

Similarly you can erase this function fro the header file to remove the navigation bar.


How to use Brushes effect in ‘photoshop’

priyanshu | Jun 16,2011 |   No Comments

Creation for Brushes effect ‘Steps’ are as follows :—

Step 1. Create a new file go to the file menu and select new.    Ctrl+n is the   Shortcut key.


Step 2.  (i) Fix the file Preset, dimensions width/Height, pixels, inches, points, cm, mm, pica’s, columns.

(ii) choose your color mode – RGB color,Gray-scale,Bitmap,CMYK color,Lab color.

(iii) choose Background contents – White, Background color, Transparent.

(iv) Than press OK.

Select the predefined setting for new document

Step 3. Now go to the window and you can select – brushes, Shortcut key – F5.

Go to Window

Step 4. Set the Brushes Master Diameter you want to choose, and display  your brushes pallete now you can choose several properties for example Brushes Tip Shape, Shape Dynamics, Scattering, Texture, Dual Brush, Color Dynamics, Other Dynamics, Noise, Wet edges, Airbrush, Smoothing, Protect Texture ,these attributes are used to make  Cool Brushes Effect’s.

If you want to learn more about how to use Main Toolbar in Photoshop then you can refer to this tutorial

Brush pallete

Step 5. Now go to the Tools Menu and  select brush tool, Now go to the Brushes presets and  select brushes and use this Brush in your new file.

Select Brush

Step 6. Change your Brush colors and Background color from the Tools menu and double click set forgound color tab than click ok.And drag the Brushes.

color picker


To Add More types of Brushes :—use the following steps

Step 1. Copy  your downloaded brushes.And click the Start button and go to the My computer.

My computer

Step 2. Double click the ‘C’ drive and go to the program files.

c drive

Step 3. Dubble click the Adobe folder.


step 4. Now again click the Adobe Photoshop folder.

step 5. Goto the presets folder and Double click brushes folder.

Step 6. And paste here Your downloaded brushes.

Step 7. Now Restart the Photoshop. and you can use these installed brushes from the brushes pallete.


Thats it. It was really easy. If you want more photoshop related tutorial then you can visit



How to make a website in WordPress

priyanshu | Jun 15,2011 |   19 comments
  1. Step 1 :- I am  assuming that u had already met the  system requirements   and downloaded the latest version of  WordPress package , if not ,than  refer this article.
  2. Step 2 :- Firstly you need to start the wamp server ( start>All programs>WampServer>start WampServer). But for the future ease create a shortcut key .
  3. Step 3 : Now open ur web browser  and type the url “http://localhost” and select your project from the list ,on clicking the project you will found  this urlhttp://localhost/<projectname> on the address bar .(Note:- the project name is the name of the folder in which u had copied  all the WordPress application files).The view which you are getting right now on clicking the project , is created by the default theme (Twenty Ten by th wordpress team) and if you  had installed older version of the WordPress than Kubrick is the free WordPress default theme. Kubrick Theme looks like this.

    Wordpress Default Kubrick Theme

    This is the default WordPress theme named Kubrick

  4. Step4:- moving to the admin panel………….url for admin panel is rooturl/wp-admin enter the username and password of the admin user . on successful login you will enter to the admin control panel as shown in image below.                                                                                                      Admin Login Form
    Admin Login Form

    This is the wordpress admin login form

    Admin Control Panel

    Administration Control Panel

  5. Step5: Adding Pages…..Click the pages tab and select add new tab, this will display a form to create new web page refer images below ..and publish it.

    New Page

    Adding new page with the name About Us.

  6. Step6: Differences to the ui…now observe the difference in the ui…you will  find, the new menu is created by the name About Us(the name used to reference the page title)……so in this way one can create web pages…How to add sub pages or child pages….in the add new page form u will  find an attribute  ‘Parent’ select an option of whom you want to create a child and template option is also there so as to apply particluar template to the particular page ,on selecting this ,the particular page will be appeared as per the selected template …Add contact us  page : open add new page  form  and select the page template from the template attribute  as contact us as shown in images below.
Change made to ui on adding new wordpress page

After publishing About Us page you will find a link with the same name About Us under the Pages Widget

New Child Page in WordPress

Creating About Director child page of the About Us Page 








Child Page Making difference to UI

You will find a link just below the About Us link by the name About Director









So in this way one can create  websites easily and just short span of time ..

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