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Socializing in WordPress

Shaumik Daityari | Jun 26,2013 |   No Comments |

Category: Beginner

In the modern day, creating a site and posting content is just not enough. To be popular and be loved by all, an intriguing social presence is highly necessary. Also, it is imperative that all posts are connected to at least Facebook so that people can share the content if they like it. In this post, I will guide you through the installation of such plugins.Read More

Importing Content into WordPress from other sites

Shaumik Daityari | Jun 23,2013 |   No Comments |

Category: Beginner

Although many would start their sites on WordPress, what about the others who want to move their already existing blogging site to WordPress. WordPress supports importing content if they are in properly formatted XML (Extensible Markup Language). Fortunately, you would not have to code much as there are plugins available for this purpose.Read More

Install WordPress on Windows using WAMP

Shaumik Daityari | Jun 17,2013 |   No Comments |

Skill level: Beginner

WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool, which can also be used as a content management system (CMS). One of the reasons why WordPress is so popular is the ease of installations across the various platforms. Before you start installing WordPress on Windows, you should know what exactly we are going to do.

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Tips to buy a good domain name

Ashwini Sah | Jun 17,2013 |   No Comments |

So you decided to make a website yourself and luckily you know the first step i.e. you need to buy a web address for your website. The web address is popularly known as a domain or URL.Read More

How to Easily Add Google Translate to a WordPress Website

priyanshu | May 20,2013 |   2 comments

If your website has a lot of visitors from Non-English speaking countries then adding a translation option to your website can help in improving the user experience. In this tutorial I will show you a simple method for adding Google Translate with out any coding.

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5 alternative to Weebly Site Statistics

priyanshu | May 13,2013 |   No Comments

In this article we will talk about different website analytics services which can be used as an alternative to Weebly Site Statistics.  Now you might ask that why should I use a third party service for a feature which is already provided by Weebly?

 Why Look for Alternatives?

1) Accuracy: The biggest benefit of using a third party analytics package is Accuracy. Many people have expressed their concern over the accuracy and the methods which Weebly uses to track website traffic. Tools like Google Analytics are more accurate than Weebly Stats.

2) Features: Weebly Statistics are quite basic. Infact I would say they are insufficient for in-depth analysis. Weebly only provides you with basic stats like Page Views, Unique Visitors, Top Pages, Search Terms and Referring Sites. What if you want to track demographic data or time spent per page or twitter mentions? If you require advanced statistics, you will be better off using a dedicated analytics tool.  Weebly is a DIY Website builder first and then an analytics provider.

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Appointpress: Online Scheduling Software for SMB’s

priyanshu | Mar 22,2013 |   No Comments

Appointpress is a simple yet powerful appointment scheduling software for Small and Medium Service Business. It is a cloud based application which lets any service business offer online appointment booking to its customers.  It is an interesting product and is definitely something which can add value to Small Business across the Globe.

It works seamlessly with WordPress. The integration plugin can be downloaded from here


Here is a Full list of Features offered by Appointpress:

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Plugin Review: Fast Secure Contact Form

Ashwini Sah | Feb 25,2013 |   No Comments |

A stable contact form is an important element of a complete website. Be it a blog or a business website, your target audience would like to reach you. Depending on the type of your website, you would like to integrate different sets of form fields. For example a hotelier would integrate a form to help his customers book accommodations, while a blogger would like to receive feedback from the readers.

Hence, a contact form plugin which supports a wide variety of form fields and is easy to use is the necessity of a WordPress powered blog. I have made a numerous websites for my clients and used a variety of themes and plugins depending on their requirement. But something which was consistent across most of the portals was the “Fast Secure Contact Form” Plugin by Mike Challis. I have also used “Contact Form 7” which is another powerful contact form plugin, but as far as ease of use is concerned, nothing beats FSCF.

Here is a hands on review of Fast Secure Contact Form.

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How to Add Syntax Highlighter in WordPress

H-DEE | Dec 5,2012 |   No Comments

There are times when we want to add a block of source-code in our articles, especially if we’re writing tech-related articles, such as Tutorials, How-To’s etc. There are many different ways to include a piece of language, script, or markup code, the most popular being the use of HTML <PRE> tags, which escapes formatting for the content enclosed in-between. However, I recommend avoiding the use of simple <PRE> tags (especially for blocks of code containing more than a couple of lines) because of the following two reasons:

  1. The output generated by <PRE> tags is not fancy, and makes it hard for us to interpret and understand the code.
  2. Sometimes, the special characters or symbols we use as a part of our code, are ignored by <PRE> tags. This usually happens, when the content (including source-code) is parsed by some text-editor (such as TinyMCE, or even WordPress default content-editor).
This is how the output of content inside <PRE> tags look like. 
It also preserves line-breaks and     spaces.

So, you might be wondering if using simple <PRE> tags are not the perfect solution, then what is?Read More

5 Points to help you choose a Webhost

priyanshu | Aug 7,2012 |   No Comments

How to choose a Good Web Host

With thousands of web hosting companies to choose from today it can be hard to know which ones are actually worth using.  A simple Google search will throw up hundreds of results. Now the question which arises is that How can one identify if a web host is good or bad? What additional research can be done before making a decision?

In this article I will present 5 simple steps which if followed will weed out most of bad hosting providers.

How to choose a web host. A simple 5 point plan

 1) Find out if their support is any good

The most important aspect while choosing a web host is the quality of their support.  Quality of customer support is a good proxy for quality of the company.  A company which values its customer and not only his money is bound to be good.  Now the question is that How do you judge a company’s support quality. Here are a few tricks:
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