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WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org [Self hosted WordPress]

Ashwini Sah | Apr 29,2014 |   2 comments |

After WordPress vs. Joomla comparison, WordPress certainly sounds like a better option for newbies. It doesn’t only let you create awesome blogs, but making great websites are also possible using WordPress efficiently.

A lot of people often wonder whether to have their own self hosted WordPress site or opting for a free domain on WordPress.com does the trick for them. Well, there are obvious differences between the two and definitely WordPress.org is going to give you a lot of customization options. Why then people still use WordPress.com? Let us explore.
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Search Engine Optimization in WordPress

Shaumik Daityari | Jul 14,2013 |   No Comments |

Category: Beginner

If you open a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo and search for a term and hit enter, you are more likely to visit links that appear on the top, and preferably on the first page of the results. There is a reason why some of those websites rank higher than others and the basic reason is SEO!

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Improving Accessibility for your WordPress Site

Shaumik Daityari | Jul 6,2013 |   No Comments |

Category: Advanced

Let’s say you have a great site, awesome graphics, smooth transitions and an ever increasing readership. You should be really happy! Well, there is one thing your site might be missing out on- and that is accessibility.

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Importing Content into WordPress from other sites

Shaumik Daityari | Jun 23,2013 |   No Comments |

Category: Beginner

Although many would start their sites on WordPress, what about the others who want to move their already existing blogging site to WordPress. WordPress supports importing content if they are in properly formatted XML (Extensible Markup Language). Fortunately, you would not have to code much as there are plugins available for this purpose.Read More

Install WordPress on Windows using WAMP

Shaumik Daityari | Jun 17,2013 |   No Comments |

Skill level: Beginner

WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool, which can also be used as a content management system (CMS). One of the reasons why WordPress is so popular is the ease of installations across the various platforms. Before you start installing WordPress on Windows, you should know what exactly we are going to do.

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50 Best WordPress Premium Magazine Themes

priyanshu | Feb 9,2012 |   2 comments |

Here is a list of handpicked , High quality premium WordPress magazine themes.

1. Marisamarisa premium wordpress magazine themes

Marisa is a simple, clean and beautiful WordPress magazine theme with great features, such as the built in review system that lets you review whatever you want and gives you up to 5 rating criteria. Furthermore you can add a “Buy now button” which you can use for example an affiliate link. The theme comes with 2 skins, a light & dark. You can easily customize the main and secondary colors of the theme inside the custom Theme Options.

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2. Impluseimpulse premium wordpress magazine theme

Impulse is a clean magazine theme, It provides everything you’ll need to create a professional looking website. With the Impulse theme, your website is sure to take off! Its clean, sleek and streamlined design is sure to appeal to your visitors. This theme is ideal for professional and sophisticated websites and blogs.
Quick Features

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3. Kernelpremium wordpress magazine theme

KERNEL is Premium WordPress Theme, that will work eather for Magazine or News portals.

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4. Tractiontraction is a premium wordpress magazine theme

A super clean premium magazine theme featuring built-in post thumbnail support, an easy to use featured post slider, and a robust theme options menu.

Demo           Buy Theme

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How to check for PHP and MYSQL version using WordPress

priyanshu | Jan 4,2012 |   No Comments |

How to check for PHP and MYSQL version using WordPress

So you want to check the version of PHP and MYSQL running on your webserver. Its a quite simple task but the only problem is that you dont know programming. In this article I will share a tip using which any one can find out the version of PHP and MYSQL running on their server.  Only thing required is that you must have WordPress installed on your server.

Here are the Steps

1) Login to your WordPress site as admin.

2) Go to the Plugins->Installed Plugins->Add New

3) Install Health Check Plugin and activate it  or download it from here.

4) Upon activation it will show this
PHP and MYSQL Version in WordPress



Basically it is saying that my server is running PHP 5.2 with MYSQL 5.1.52. It means that my server is ready for latest version of WordPress.

Selecting Multiple Lists in Mailchimp Plugin

priyanshu | Sep 23,2011 |   one comments |


The Official Mailchimp plugin for WordPress does not support selection of multiple lists.  Mailchimp discourages the selection of multiple lists and the UI forces you to select one list.

Mailchimp advocates  the use of segmenting while running a campaign.

Say for example you run a Cricket related blog and have multiple lists setup:

  • Cricket News
  • Test Match News
  • One Day News
  • Sachin Tendulkar!

You want a signup form which subscribes users to all the lists. It is technically feasible but it creates a problem.

The biggest problem with this approach is that a user will receive multiple confirmation mails. Mailchimp sends one subscription confirmation mail per list and subscribing to multiple lists will send multiple confirmation mail which can confuse user and potentially turn them away.   So in our case user will get 4 confirmation mails!!! It is sure to scare the user away.

So the best way in this case it to create groups within a list and let users select their interest groups. So we will have a Cricket List with groups like:

  • Cricket News
  • Test Match News
  • One Day News
  • Sachin Tendulkar!

And in this case user will only get one confirmation mail as it is only a single List with multiple groups.