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Selecting Multiple Lists in Mailchimp Plugin

priyanshu | Sep 23,2011 |   one comments |


The Official Mailchimp plugin for WordPress does not support selection of multiple lists.  Mailchimp discourages the selection of multiple lists and the UI forces you to select one list.

Mailchimp advocates  the use of segmenting while running a campaign.

Say for example you run a Cricket related blog and have multiple lists setup:

  • Cricket News
  • Test Match News
  • One Day News
  • Sachin Tendulkar!

You want a signup form which subscribes users to all the lists. It is technically feasible but it creates a problem.

The biggest problem with this approach is that a user will receive multiple confirmation mails. Mailchimp sends one subscription confirmation mail per list and subscribing to multiple lists will send multiple confirmation mail which can confuse user and potentially turn them away.   So in our case user will get 4 confirmation mails!!! It is sure to scare the user away.

So the best way in this case it to create groups within a list and let users select their interest groups. So we will have a Cricket List with groups like:

  • Cricket News
  • Test Match News
  • One Day News
  • Sachin Tendulkar!

And in this case user will only get one confirmation mail as it is only a single List with multiple groups.

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Elliot Noteware

March 22, 2018 at 10:34 pm


I’m currently developing a site that will

• Allow users to sub/unsub from paid lists.
• The users will be buying recurring payments via PayPal, weekly, monthly, yearly.

I want to know, will it allow for multiple mail chimp lists, we will have around 3, and also will it allow us to automatically remove people from lists if they un sub on PayPal.

Thank you!

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