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Quickstart For Instant Rails

priyanshu | Feb 28,2012 |   No Comments |

Hey i am new to the Ruby on Rails used WordPress and yii framework a lot. In this blog, will show you how to make an hello world aplication with RoR. Instant Rails is a one-stop Rails runtime solution containing Ruby, Rails, Apache, and MySQL, all pre-configured and ready to run. No installer, you simply drop it into the directory of your choice and run it. It does not modify your system environment.Download the latest version of Instant Rails form here.

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Redify a free business blog theme for WordPress

priyanshu | Feb 20,2012 |   73 comments

: A red color Business Blog theme that supports Primary menu’s , Primary & Secondary sidebars,Four widgetized area’s at the footer region,Custom Post Types and the option panel . It has a perfect design that’s great for any Business Blogs who wants a new look for their site.Two page templates are provided one for the portfolio and second for the contact us page. Nice piece of optional panel is there for the theme setting and customization.Redify supports featured post slider based on the concept of custom post types whose settings are also given in the option panel.The featured post slider can easily be converted to the image slider by just disabling an option in the home page slider setting’s tab and many more.

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50 Best WordPress Premium Magazine Themes

priyanshu | Feb 9,2012 |   2 comments |

Here is a list of handpicked , High quality premium WordPress magazine themes.

1. Marisamarisa premium wordpress magazine themes

Marisa is a simple, clean and beautiful WordPress magazine theme with great features, such as the built in review system that lets you review whatever you want and gives you up to 5 rating criteria. Furthermore you can add a “Buy now button” which you can use for example an affiliate link. The theme comes with 2 skins, a light & dark. You can easily customize the main and secondary colors of the theme inside the custom Theme Options.

Demo                  Buy Theme

2. Impluseimpulse premium wordpress magazine theme

Impulse is a clean magazine theme, It provides everything you’ll need to create a professional looking website. With the Impulse theme, your website is sure to take off! Its clean, sleek and streamlined design is sure to appeal to your visitors. This theme is ideal for professional and sophisticated websites and blogs.
Quick Features

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3. Kernelpremium wordpress magazine theme

KERNEL is Premium WordPress Theme, that will work eather for Magazine or News portals.

Demo               Buy Theme


4. Tractiontraction is a premium wordpress magazine theme

A super clean premium magazine theme featuring built-in post thumbnail support, an easy to use featured post slider, and a robust theme options menu.

Demo           Buy Theme

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Free Online Tools to convert RGB to CMYK

priyanshu | Feb 7,2012 |   6 comments |

Convert RGB to CMYKFree Online Tools to convert RGB to CMYK

In the last post we discussed about the difference in CMYK and RGB Colorspace. RGB is an additive colorspace and is primarily used to display colors on our monitors and computer screens. CMYK on the other hand is a subtractive colospace and is used to produce colors in the real world. For example our printers use CMYK colospace to print our pictures and photos while our monitors use RGB profile to display the pictures.

Many a times it is a necessary to convert an image from RGB to CMYK colorspace as it gives us an idea of how our image will look after printing.  Here we are listing 5 free and online tools which can be used to convert images from rgb to cmyk and vice versa.

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Top Free WordPress Magazine Themes

priyanshu | Feb 7,2012 |   one comments

Top Free WordPress Magazine Themes

1. News week

free wordpress magazine theme

Yet another magazine style free  theme.

The free WordPress magazine theme is originally inspired from Business Weeek website. This is a three column theme having spots for advertise block, a featured video, and other functionalities.

Download        View Details

2.Pure MagazinePure Magazine Theme By BizzThemes

Out of the box magazine WordPress theme.Beautiful and functional theme, which gives you complete control over your web magazine. Each post can be styled uniquely with 1, 2, 3 or more column layouts. It is advertising ready, so not only will your ads look great with the rest of your website, ads will be more effective than ever.

Download         View Details

3.The Morning AfterFree wordpress magazine theme by woothemes

The Morning After was the original magazine theme in the WordPress community and after more than a 100 000 downloads, it now has a place in our themes collection. It may be “old”, but this amazing theme is not yet dated! A definite download and one that you will thoroughly enjoy!

Download        Watch Demo

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Web applications that increase productivity

priyanshu | Jan 11,2012 |   No Comments |

Now a days a big concern is, how to increase the productivity, well , than here you are yes i am talking about Google apps

You don’t even need a credit card to try Google Apps for Business. It’s free for 30 days for up to 10 users.Some of the free google apps which you find useful are

  • Gmail—Get custom email such as [email protected](the one i like the most )
  • Google Sites—Create websites and group wikis.
  • Google Calendar—Organise your schedule and share events with friends.
  • Google Docs—Share online documents, presentations and spreadsheets. (Smart way to think)

For More details regarding these apps refer the link and also find the comparison here


More than 4 million businesses run Google Apps.

Google Apps helps businesses work smarter

Proven cost savings

Google’s web-based messaging and collaboration apps require no hardware or software and need minimal administration, creating tremendous time and cost savings for businesses.

50 times more storage than the industry average

Each employee gets 25 GB for email storage, so they can keep important messages and find them instantly with built-in Google search.

Gmail is designed so employees can spend less time managing their inboxes, and more time being productive. Time-saving features like message threading, message labels, fast message search and powerful spam filtering help employees work efficiently with high volumes of email.

Mobile email, calendar and IM access

With several options for accessing their information while on the go, employees can be productive with Google Apps even when they’re not at their desks.

At no extra charge, Google Apps supports over-the-air mobile access on BlackBerry devices, the iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android and many less powerful phones. Learn more

Full administrative and data control

Administrators can deeply customize Google Apps to meet their technical, branding and business requirements.

Built with security and reliability in mind

Google operates one of the most robust networks of distributed datacenters in the world. The protection of the data and intellectual property on these servers is theres top priority, with extensive resources dedicated to maintaining data security. Protected around the clock and monitored by a dedicated security team, facilities are held to extremely high standards of scrutiny every moment of the day.

Begin You Free Trial Here

How to check for PHP and MYSQL version using WordPress

priyanshu | Jan 4,2012 |   No Comments |

How to check for PHP and MYSQL version using WordPress

So you want to check the version of PHP and MYSQL running on your webserver. Its a quite simple task but the only problem is that you dont know programming. In this article I will share a tip using which any one can find out the version of PHP and MYSQL running on their server.  Only thing required is that you must have WordPress installed on your server.

Here are the Steps

1) Login to your WordPress site as admin.

2) Go to the Plugins->Installed Plugins->Add New

3) Install Health Check Plugin and activate it  or download it from here.

4) Upon activation it will show this
PHP and MYSQL Version in WordPress



Basically it is saying that my server is running PHP 5.2 with MYSQL 5.1.52. It means that my server is ready for latest version of WordPress.

WordPress Appointment Calendar Plugin – Documentation

priyanshu | Jan 3,2012 |   75 comments |

WordPress Appointment Calendar Plugin

WordPress Appointment Calendar is a simple but effective plugin to take appointment on any wordpress site. Insert Booking calendar into any post / page and start taking appointments.

Download Appointment Calendar from wordpress.org

Premium Appointment Booking Plugin for WordPress 


Installing Appointment Calendar

Appointment Calendar is simple to install just like any other WordPress plugin.

1) Download the Appointment Calendar from WordPress repository.

2) Unzip the archive and upload the content to ‘wp-content/plugins’ directory

3) Activate the plugin from admin panel
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CMYK and RGB Color Space

priyanshu | Jan 1,2012 |   4 comments

CMYK ColorCMYK Color is short for Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black.

CMYK is a color model in which all colors are described as a mixture of these four process colors. CMYK is the standard color model used in offset printing for full-color documents. Because such printing uses inks of these four basic colors, it is often called four-color printing.

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Five White Label Content Management Systems

priyanshu | Dec 30,2011 |   2 comments

Five White Label Content Management Systems

A white label content management system can help designers earn residual income monthly hosting fees. It provides the benefits of a hosted CMS without the complexity of managing a software system.   In this post I will list down 5 popular cms which provide white label options.

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