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How to Display Different Sidebars for Different Pages in WordPress

Foysal Ahmed | May 20,2018 |   No Comments

WordPress shows the same sidebar on all posts and pages of your website. Sometimes, you may want to display different sidebar on a category, a particular post, or some promotional pages.

In any of these cases, you have to use a plugin like Custom Sidebars. This excellent free plugin enables you to create and display an unlimited number of custom sidebars.

Let’s get started and find out how to display different sidebars for different pages in WordPress.

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Step by Step guide for installing WordPress Plugin

Foysal Ahmed | May 16,2018 |   No Comments

The wide availability of hundreds of free and premium plugins is one of the primary reasons behind WordPress’ incredible popularity. Using plugins can help you add new features to your website, enhance the user experience, strengthen the security, improve the SEO process, optimize the website performance, and so on.

To enjoy any of these benefits, you have to install the plugin first. There are three ways to install a WordPress plugin –

  1. Using the admin dashboard,
  2. Uploading the plugin manually and
  3. Using the FTP.

I will discuss each of these steps one by one. Let’s get started with the first method.

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How to Create Image Gallery in WordPress

Foysal Ahmed | Jun 23,2017 |   one comments

Creating a gallery is the best way to show several images at once. There are multiple ways to create a gallery in WordPress, which are –

  1. Create a gallery without using any plugin
  2. Create a gallery with a plugin.

We have published an in-depth tutorial about creating a gallery without using any plugin. Check that tutorial if you don’t want to use a plugin.Read More

How to Create a Gallery Without Using Any Plugin

Foysal Ahmed | Jun 21,2017 |   No Comments

On some instances, you may need to show several images in a single post. That is when you need to create a gallery. WordPress comes with a default option to create image galleries without using any plugin.

What’s more, you can create the gallery with any theme. I am using the Appointment theme, a free multi-purpose theme with tons of customization options, but you can use any theme you want.

In today’s post, I will show you how to create a gallery without using any plugin. Are you ready? Let’s get started.Read More