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Apache Open Meeting- An Open Source Alternative to WebEx

priyanshu | Apr 28,2012 |   2 comments |

THe Apache Software foundation, the organization behind open source projects like Apache Webserver, Apache Solr and lots of other open source projects has release Open-Meeting, an open source web conferencing system.  It uses Red5 streaming server and boasts of features like

  • Audio and Video Conferencing
  • Meeting Recording and Screen Sharing
  • Multi-White Board and Chat
  • User Management, Calendars, Private Messaging
  • It also boasts of Moodle and Sakai Integration
On the surface it looks powerful but the biggest challenge for Open-Meeting would be user friendliness. It seems that it will be unusable by Non-geeks. 
It you are a tech company and want to have your own video conferencing server then Open_meeting could be a good fit. But if you are simply looking for a Video Conferencing Solution which simply works then you’ll need to look elsewhere.




Joe Alves

April 23, 2013 at 11:59 pm

Cool post, I’m going to check later! Thanks!.

Aliasgar Babat

November 18, 2014 at 7:03 am

Hey, in addition to WebEx and Apache open source software, you may even try using a RHUB web conferencing server for all your online meeting needs. It provides everything in one box you need.

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