Rambo Theme Video Documentation

Below you will find Rambo Lite WordPress theme video documentation. For more information about this theme please see this page.

What you will learn:

  1. Install Rambo Theme
  2. Configure Front Page
  3. Configure Call to Action Top
  4. Setup Slider
  5. Setup Service Section
  6. Setup Portfolio Section
  7. Display Latest News
  8. Setup Footer Section
  9. Adding Footer Social Icons

All our themes works on the latest guidelines drafted by WordPress review team. You can easily configure this theme via WordPress Theme Customizer which you can access via WordPress dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize. From there you can make all your changes in a Live Preview mode, a handy feature of Cutomizer, making it very user friendly.

1. How to Install Rambo Theme

This video walkthrough will tell you how to install Rambo theme by using WordPress Theme Installer.


2. How to Configure Front Page

On this video you will learn to use how you setup your website’s front page which is provided by Rambo theme as shown here.

3. How to Setup Slider

Rambo theme uses post to fill slide content. Video walkthrough will demonstrate how to setup slide. Premium version will give you more conrol on slider like you can add unlimited slides, duration , speed etc.

4. How to Configure Call to Action

5. How To Setup Service

Theme has number of inbuilt widgets use WBR: Page Widget for adding service type content. Video walkthrough will demonstarte you how to add service content along with image or font awesome icon.

6. How to Setup Portfolio

Same widget WBR: Page Widget can be used for adding portfolio.

7. How to Display Latest News

Latest news are the post that you want to highlight on front page.

8. How to Configure Footer Widgets

8. How to Configure Footer Social Icons

How to Import Demo Data?

Before Importing Demo Data. You need to installed following plugins. If you want to showcase shop on your site than only install woocommerce otherwise no need to install.