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  • negotiamac
    Hello Imraz,
    I sent you an email to your mail in gmail, according to what you told me about the problem of importing the rambo theme demo. I applied the wp reset plugin but it does not import

    tell me what's new?

    Thank you
    March 2019
  • steven_lidi
    I don't know why I keep failing to get register for to rate your product and service?
    is there  any other channel for me to appraise your guys? I failed to find similar place on where I got myself registered.
    October 2018
  • steven_lidi
    I tried another time to give you guys a decent rate, but failed again. I will try again later to do that. just let you guys know about [email protected]imraz  @prajapati @abhishek
    October 2018
  • steven_lidi
    hi, there, would you please kindly look into the issue at here:
    October 2018
  • steven_lidi
    could you please kindly follow up the ticket I placed yesterday? thanks. Steven
    October 2018
  • eddis75
    Hello Imraz,
    found that solution (written below) from you to add addtional text to silderboxes.
    This works fine, but it generates the same text for all Sliders.
    I have 4 Sliders and want to add at each one different comments.

    How can i add a second font size when this is displayed on my cell phone.
    (20px works well on desktop-Version but is to big on cell phone)

    THX Eddi


    Try this one:

    .slide-caption h2::after{
    white-space: pre;
    content:"\A MyText-YouCanEditIt";

    Edit the red color text to your own text.

    Let me know if it is the same!


    October 2018
  • hanicka01
    Hi Imraz, could I please book a time with you to sort out a few issues I have with my Appointment Pro theme? I can see that you have a good knowledge and I am sure that it would be very simple for you to do (unlike me being a complete novice).
    Here are the issues I have:

    • Numerous articles are in “All Posts” within category “Newsfeed”. This
      needs to be displayed on the “Newsfeed” page. Currently the page is blank
    • None of the articles to have option for a "comment" or "about the author".
    • Home page – under the heading Blog – only pull articles which are
      withing the post category “Newsfeed”
    • All pages have a blue header/banner across – I would like this to be a picture,
      defferent one per page.
    • Breadcrumbs on the right side of the blue banner on each page to be
      removed together with page headers on the left site.

    Please let me know if you could be able to help me. I am happy to share my log-ins.
    Thank you
    September 2018
  • imraz joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    November 2017