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  • Solved many thanks for the attention
  • It does not work
  • Good afternoon I have done what you have proposed, but I do not get the expected result. Also if I use the plugins that you suggest I would lose the format of the contact page of the template, which you can see at…
  • I can not find the solution, can someone help me?
  • Thanks for your input, it worked. Look at the final result:
  • First of all thanks to both for trying to solve my doubt: Akhilesh: Indeed what I need is to put an extra field, box to mark, accompanied by the text I accept the privacy policy. By checking this checkbox, accepting the privacy policy I am already c…
  • In addition in the contact form I have to put a box to mark as acceptance of the privacy policies, if that box is not marked, the message could not be sent.Everything is to comply with the Data Protection Act in Spain.
  • Sorry creoo that I explained badly.When I enter any entry by default this appears on the blog page, in my case news.What I need is that only appear on the blog page entries with the category and not all tickets as it happens right now.If you look at…
    in blog page Comment by salvador March 2017
  • Thank you very much. I've already solved.Like as it is running the web?
  • Hi I have the appointment pro active.What I need is to remove the Skype icon.
  • Thank you very much've made the changes and it works great.