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  • Never mind. I just reinstalling the wordpress. My website still intact and working fine but still  having same problem - upload theme button in wordpress still not working. Maybe just a problem with my webhost provider then! If I ever need new theme…
  • Thanks for checking Akhilesh . There is an option on wrodpress to reinstall wordpress. Since you are experienced with wordpress - do you know if reinstalling wordpress (see attached file) will make me have to redo website again or will all posts, pa…
  • Just sent it. Sandeep
  • Unfortunately that doesn't answer my question. Please read my details.  I can't install or browse the free themes.  No free themes are displayed and "upload theme" button when clicked doesn't do anything. It worked before I installed Health Center P…
  • Looks great. Thanks! I have attached a snap of how it appeared so your customers can see in case they want the same thing. Please close ticket. Thanks for your support
    in Buttons Comment by winkeye May 2016
  • Looks perfect mobile menu says MENU instead of the 3 horiz bars, thanks, one last question regarding change the color of the word "menu" currently in black. I used the following code (looked at your answers to others) but it didnt work so I tried it…
    in Buttons Comment by winkeye May 2016
  • Thanks Akhilesh. Please close the ticket
  • Thanks Akhilesh, Issue 3  resolved Issue 5 Code .hc_home_border {   margin: 0 px ! important; } did not do anything. Did not affect Area before testimonial space and below portfolio area - how to minimize this white space.?? 1)Issue 1 Mobile MENU bu…
    in Buttons Comment by winkeye April 2016