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  • Hi, Thank you for quick response! I cleared cache... Yes! works now. 
  • Hi, I sent info to the email address you provide. Thank you.
    in JS Error Comment by worvie March 2018
  • Our Access token should be fine. The plugin stopped working since last week when Instagram specs have been changed; I found similar problems and says that way. Our access token should be fine, but all ID based short cord and hashtag shortcord are n…
    in JS Error Comment by worvie March 2018
  • We received same error. Please update/ fix the plug in asap.
    in JS Error Comment by worvie March 2018
  • Hi I still have same issue about squeezed image.We now have production site:https://worvie.com/category/blog/ Please give us solution for the problem.
  • The column number was 3, because of the style sheet setting you instructed prior, actual view was 1 column..eif-col-3 .eif_item {    width: 100% ! important;}I deleted the code, but still pictures are squished. Where can I see or set for the correct…
  • Your demo is much better than squished picture. How can I set up the view like that? Currently, the view is not properly.
  • Thank you for the reply. I added the code to theme's style.css. Result shows only 1 column on desktop view. And the ratio is still squishy look. Current page view is updated code.Thanks.
  • Wow! Thank you! worked perfect.
  • Here is the info for the site.https://worvie.net/category/blog/our site is currently test mode please use following info.user: testpass: test1thank you
  • Thank you for the reply I applied the code to custom-css, but doesn't work.On mobile device, only landscape view shows 2 columns (that's same as the status before)