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  • jezhiel lopez
    I acquired the theme appoinment PRO, in "demo" it is shown with a big menu, under the slider option of phone, schedule and mail. But there is nothing in that, it seems that it is the free version. Help me please, i just want the theme like look on demo..please
    December 7
  • graziapisano
    hello, i have the coming soon mode and i m from italy so we are in a different time zone, the site is www.graziellapisano.it do you got an instant chat so i can deactivate the coming soon plug in just for 5/10 minutes to show you what is the problem?

    i ll try to explain it the footer is ok from pc or vertical mode on mobile but when you turn the mobile orizontal in the landscape mode the social are on the left and not on the middle.

    the mobile menus is too clear and i cant see it on the photos sliding on the slider just under the header so i need to make a differend menus like a colored box, is that possible?
    October 5
  • daphnekempers

    Thanks for your feedback so far! So the website I am working on is www.flex-keg.com.
    I have the desire to make the header, where the logo is situated in; white. However, no clue how to proceed. I have read about the CSS but I cannot make it happen.

    Thank you in advance and I like hear from you.

    Kind regards, Daphne Kempers
    October 3
  • charamel
    Are you able to optimize appointment pro theme for woocommerce and woocommerce Germanized?
    Most of the design fits but there are some design errors.

    May 26
  • alemape
    hi there. i used the time for shoppings.

    any news?
    April 28
  • alemape
    Sorry but i tried to get the infos into the last posting, but you closed it so early without any return of notice.

    Maybe i have to exchange this part to another page...
    but password closed areas must run at the business here.
    April 28
  • alemape
    Thank you but your tipp didnt work here.
    Maybe cause the php is from another set?

    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function
    theme_data_setup() in
    Stack trace:
    #3 /www/htdocs/w01778a4/burnout-praeventiv-team1.de/index.php(17):
    #4 {main}
    thrown in /www/htdocs/w01778a4/burnout-praeventiv-team1.de/wp-content/themes/appointment-pro-child-theme/portfolio-4-column.php on line 15

    April 28
  • thegarage
    Hi akhilesh,
    could you help me?
    I want to add a link in testimonials on the wall street theme... I also followed this tutorial to detail
    but I do not see the entry "insert the link"
    Where am I wrong?
    Thank you and good evening
    Thank you and good evening
    March 17
  • fercho0316
    Hi, could you help me to resolve my issue with the project carrousel? You comment the other guy asking about another theme but not the main issue of the discussion
    February 23
  • masaist
    Hi akhilesh,
    I'm sorry to directly put my comment here, but please check my updated comment when you have time about subscription payment system, as I need to fix the problem very quick.

    December 2017
  • masaist
    Hi akhilesh, is "https://webriti.com/support/" still working?

    If so, please check my comment as its a bit serious problem.

    December 2017
  • kimukimu88


    Thank you very much.
    I thought that it would be reflected only by changing the theme.
    I will check the link information. If I still do not understand I will ask you a question again.
    August 2017
  • pitty01
    Hi akhilesh

    I started to build up my website with your appointment theme. In this the slider on the homepage worked.
    Then I changes to the Pro Version. From this time on, I am not able to have a slider.

    Do I have to install anything else or what would be the correct way?

    Best regards

    August 2017
  • lagracadm
    Hi, could you please help me out with the product category issue for Spasalon? I really need to launch my client's site by today if possible and all this tweaking is really taking a lot of time....

    I'm not sure whether creating a separate Product PHP per subcategory is better or using the product category but really is an issue on styling and the pagination is not working for me...
    June 2017
  • matteopaga
    Hey man, can you help me about the png files?
    March 2017
  • startupswork

    Can you or team respond me my questions please this is all taking too long.

    I would like answers to all please to fix. 
    March 2017
  • startupswork

    Can I ask you to look at my profile and shed some light on my questions please. Been nearly 24x hours and no clarity on issues. 

    thanks very much. 
    March 2017
  • vactor
    Hi Akhilesh! 

    Could you pleas help me with one more issue about this site: 

    I am trying to make the navigation bar centered . I have tried using jetpack and custom css, and I am using WR mega dropdown plugin, but I can't figure out how to make the menu centered, like this on this example: 

    (but i don't want the menu blocks to be spread out, just collapsed in the center). Thanks1
    February 2017
  • vactor
    HI Akhilesh, 

    I am hoping you are free at some point this afternoon -- would you be available to help me get the demo site up today? 

    thank you! 

    February 2017
  • shwongacc
    Hi Akhilesh,

    I have another very urgent problem, that's I already add the Contact Form 7 in my webpage, and use the Google to add Map/Embed copy the link after filter paste into the contact templete (in Customize) but noting change. 

    Please advise how to correct it?

    Thank you.

    December 2016
  • shwongacc
    Hi, Akhilesh,

    This is my website. 


    Thank you.
    December 2016
  • shwongacc
    Hi, Akhilesh,

    I want to change the description of the slider 'WELCOME TO BUSIPROF' & "We are group of ............."

    Means i want to use the slider for my website but just change the description of the slider. Which previously in Demo set it is allow but now cannot.

    Thank you.
    December 2016
  • masaist
    If you have already left office, I'm so sorry. But pls help me about HTTP problem..
    November 2016
  • nama26986
    I was using free version of Appointment theme. I paid for premium version today. I am trying so many times, premium theme is  not getting installed.

    Pls help
    October 2016
  • marsave2016
    I can't instal the pro version. I don't know. I'm spanish person, my english is not very good.

    Can you help me please?
    August 2016
  • appautomator
    Akhilesh it solved the problem but its also affecting add on my page.
    August 2016
  • sophyao1126
    Dear Akhilesh,

    I need your help. It's urgent. Thank you!

    April 2016
  • 66944470
    I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for your help. Because of you I was able to accomplish everything I wanted to do. You are extremely knowledgeable and so very kind. 
    March 2016
  • masaist
    I made it Akhil!! Thank you very much for your kind help!!

    March 2016
  • glynnw
    You closed the discussion but didn't answer the question I asked.
    do I have to save the service.php to a different location as at the moment it is still in the main theme folder?

    March 2016