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  • kimukimu88


    Thank you very much.
    I thought that it would be reflected only by changing the theme.
    I will check the link information. If I still do not understand I will ask you a question again.
    August 22 Comment
  • pitty01
    Hi akhilesh

    I started to build up my website with your appointment theme. In this the slider on the homepage worked.
    Then I changes to the Pro Version. From this time on, I am not able to have a slider.

    Do I have to install anything else or what would be the correct way?

    Best regards

    August 16 Comment
  • lagracadm
    Hi, could you please help me out with the product category issue for Spasalon? I really need to launch my client's site by today if possible and all this tweaking is really taking a lot of time....

    I'm not sure whether creating a separate Product PHP per subcategory is better or using the product category but really is an issue on styling and the pagination is not working for me...
    June 19 Comment
  • matteopaga
    Hey man, can you help me about the png files?
    March 23 Comment
  • startupswork

    Can you or team respond me my questions please this is all taking too long.

    I would like answers to all please to fix. 
    March 19 Comment
  • startupswork

    Can I ask you to look at my profile and shed some light on my questions please. Been nearly 24x hours and no clarity on issues. 

    thanks very much. 
    March 16 Comment
  • vactor
    Hi Akhilesh! 

    Could you pleas help me with one more issue about this site: 

    I am trying to make the navigation bar centered . I have tried using jetpack and custom css, and I am using WR mega dropdown plugin, but I can't figure out how to make the menu centered, like this on this example: 

    (but i don't want the menu blocks to be spread out, just collapsed in the center). Thanks1
    February 18 Comment
  • vactor
    HI Akhilesh, 

    I am hoping you are free at some point this afternoon -- would you be available to help me get the demo site up today? 

    thank you! 

    February 17 Comment
  • shwongacc
    Hi Akhilesh,

    I have another very urgent problem, that's I already add the Contact Form 7 in my webpage, and use the Google to add Map/Embed copy the link after filter paste into the contact templete (in Customize) but noting change. 

    Please advise how to correct it?

    Thank you.

    December 2016 Comment
  • shwongacc
    Hi, Akhilesh,

    This is my website. 


    Thank you.
    December 2016 Comment
  • shwongacc
    Hi, Akhilesh,

    I want to change the description of the slider 'WELCOME TO BUSIPROF' & "We are group of ............."

    Means i want to use the slider for my website but just change the description of the slider. Which previously in Demo set it is allow but now cannot.

    Thank you.
    December 2016 Comment
  • masaist
    If you have already left office, I'm so sorry. But pls help me about HTTP problem..
    November 2016 Comment
  • nama26986
    I was using free version of Appointment theme. I paid for premium version today. I am trying so many times, premium theme is  not getting installed.

    Pls help
    October 2016 Comment
  • marsave2016
    I can't instal the pro version. I don't know. I'm spanish person, my english is not very good.

    Can you help me please?
    August 2016 Comment
  • appautomator
    Akhilesh it solved the problem but its also affecting add on my page.
    August 2016 Comment
  • sophyao1126
    Dear Akhilesh,

    I need your help. It's urgent. Thank you!

    April 2016 Comment
  • 66944470
    I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for your help. Because of you I was able to accomplish everything I wanted to do. You are extremely knowledgeable and so very kind. 
    March 2016 Comment
  • masaist
    I made it Akhil!! Thank you very much for your kind help!!

    March 2016 Comment
  • glynnw
    You closed the discussion but didn't answer the question I asked.
    do I have to save the service.php to a different location as at the moment it is still in the main theme folder?

    March 2016 Comment
  • karima
    Hi Akhilesh

    I convinced a friend to buy this theme as you guys are helpful and your theme's are always clean and easy, but now I have a problem with the dummy data file and can't find how to delete and reinstall it. My friend is not happy that we already facing problems jut after purchasing.

    Can you please delete and reinstall the dummy data for us. 

    dministrator username: mansoor
    administrator password: bismillah2016

    Thanks for your help


    February 2016 Comment
  • siakaborn2ball
    Hey akhilesh I need your help urgently. Please see my last post! My menu keeps resetting when I save and I keep getting an error message. My site is virtually finished and need it to work as people have already started viewing it and I have a big meeting on friday and it needs to work properly
    February 2016 Comment
  • zepedamckee
    Hello Akhilesh. My name is Augustine I have a few questions.

    1. How can I add text to my front page? I I want to describe my company, but I can't add any text on the front page. 

    2. How can I change the color of my header, it is turquoise.

    3. How can I move my contact info (phone number and email) to the left? How can I add a contact form on my header? 

    4. How can I replace and delete the background pictures for "core features" and  testimonial?
    • The picture for "core feature is a city and the picture for "testimonial" is a woman looking at a globe. 
    5. How can I add side bar widgets to my front page? 

    The theme I am using is wallstreet pro, the latest version. Here is my website: http://zepedamckees.com/
    December 2015 Comment
  • roger holmes
    Please can you contact me as i have several questions regarding my use of the Quality Blue theme which i am using on my site....

    Images corrupted on mobile version
    Hexagon Images
    Unable to load the upgrade which cost me $49 !!
    October 2015 Comment
    • faixalzakaria
      Hi Roger,

      I do have major issue on Rambo, cant retrieve my wp-admin after the theme installed/reinstalled, for many many times. The theme doesn't working LOL. I just accept the hard fact that my $50 gone LOL.
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  • fabi_ola
    Hi, I just purchased your easy coming soon pro plug in. I would like to know how could I remove the newsletter contact form from the template 1? I did not find any documentation on this feature. Thanks
    August 2015 Comment
  • adminjoannes
    How do I change the template to allow static images to be centered on the page ( or other items I add to the page though other plugins - like a text box or form etc ). When I add an image and tell the code to center it on the page -- the the theme overrides this and still pushes the image to the left of the page ?
    August 2015 Comment
  • caturiwayan
    I follow your tutor, how to add portfolio but its not work well, I read it on http://webriti.com/help/themes/appointment/how-to-add-portfolio-project-in-appointment-theme/, I want to made 2 collum as tutorial but is doesnt work, can you help. theme was install on www.lomboktouronline.com Thanks Wayan
    July 2015 Comment
  • zembold
    I change the bg color of pulldown menu to white as you recommended: But how can I change the font color in this case toward more dark? Thanks and regards Otmar
    May 2015 Comment
  • kidkolors
    Pls sir I am still waiting for the support. Have sent you the link to the WP login Tks
    March 2015 Comment
  • kidkolors
    I can t even post at the discussion. Can you please help me with spasalon pro installations? followed the step they emailed me but I am getting frustrated because I tried so so many times with same failed messages I get,,,thanks
    March 2015 Comment
  • akhilesh changed his profile picture.
    February 2015 Comment