No "Portfolio Detail Page" Template Option

I am wanting to create a detail page for a portfolio/project item
but when I create it and go to choose the template in the Page
Attributes section there is no template option called "Portfolio Detail"
like your website details show. I currently have "Page with Right
Sidebar" chosen but I particularly want the gallery style slider that
shows the other portfolio/project items underneath the words related
Can you help me get this layout/template please as it was one of the main reasons for choosing this theme?
Thank you.


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    "portfolio details" not a template this is only a page those are show the our portfolio post detail.

        kindly create portfolio templates first and add some portfolio posts now click on your portfolio

             item then you will find the portfolio detail page. 

       If possible kindly share your site URL here then after quickly w'll assist you regarding your issue. 


  • Hi

    create portfolio post and fill portfolio featured project detail and remain blanck Portfolio / Project Link detail because it get automatically post url.
    and then go to in you portfolio page click on portfolio image link icon.

    let me know it work for you?

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  • Hi Abhishek,

    I have done what you said and it does not work.
  • I think what abhishek need to say is theme has a core template for portfolio details category. So when you fill the details.

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  • Hi Priyanshu,

    I have done as you suggested but when I go to click on the link on the home page an error message comes up - "Error 404 page not found"
  • Hi pneumaticsweadmin,
    for resolved this error message.
    1  go to in you WordPress admin dashboard -> settings -> permalinks 
    2 enable post name radio button and save. for any confusion see attached image   
     let me know. did it work
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  • Hi Abhishek,

    Thank you. This worked.
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