Projects Problem


I am tryign to display new projects in the projects section. 

I have created the new project pages as per the instructions, but when they display on the main page, the projects are compressed so that are not displayed correctly.  They are only the height of one line of text and scroll when you hover over them

If I turn off catagories, the standard images are shown correctly. 


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    Thanks for contacting to us. 
    If possible share your  website url, so that we can take a look and  assist you better. 

  • Hi 

    I'm afraid after buying this theme it has been only problems.  I have now bought a different theme from another provider and although it is similar to yours it is far easier to use and does not have as many faults.

    I woudl not recommend this theme
  • HI 
    Which faults are you getting pls tell us. Our theme is working well at our end.
    Before using our theme pls read our pro theme help docs link.

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