Add video to homepage

I am trying to find a way to post a video on my homepage ( Under the Service section and above the Projects section. Maybe a youtube video?
Thank you very much!


  • Hi, @kcargos

    To do this follow the below steps.

    1.Download the Busiprof pro child theme from your premium account and install & activate it, Ignore if already exist.
    2. In child theme directory create a new file with name index-service.php and paste this code in it:
    3. Save and activate it.

    After this Go to Appearance >> Theme Editor and select the child theme folder and edit index-service.php file for change the height and video src value. For more help refer to this screenshot.

    Let me know for any confusion.

  • Hi sohail,

    I followed all the steps, but it doesn't seem to do anything? I must be doing something wrong with creating the new child theme folder. There is already some code in there, do I need to add your code or replace the old one? 

  • Hi

    In your child theme folder create a file and add code given in last comment.

    Let me know for any confusion.

  • Hi @kcargos

    Did the above solution work for you?

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