about us page - phone number

I have on my about page added phone number, thanks to your help. 

But. Is it possible to change so when you click on the icon for phone number a small box open with the number inside? 
Right now when you hover over you can see the number, but i want to make a box instead - Like a inside pop up window.


  • Hi Pyrotestdk,

    Remove coming soon page from your site for moment and share the about us page url so we can take a look and asisst you better.

  • Can't deactivate is, that the site is on total rebuild. To bypass our coming soon, use this link https://pyrotest.dk/?cmp_bypass=194e828f08ad00e95e825a36411af250

  • Hi pyrotestdk

    I have checked your site did not find any phone number on about us page. can you please point out the place where you have added phone number on your about page.

  • On this page: https://pyrotest.dk/om-os/ at the bottom you find the team. If you hover over "David" you wil find a phone number icon, i want that people need to push it so a box opens up with the phone number inside. 

  • any response???? 

  • Hi 
    Unfortunately, the theme doesn’t supports this customization by default and as much as I’d love to help you with some custom code, it’s beyond the support offered for our products which consists in bug fixing and documentation. However, we recommend you to hire a freelancer who will do the job for you. Hope you understand.

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