Help Please ASAP

Please could someone help with two issues on the home page.
  1. I am trying to change the colour on the Service Title however is also changes colour on meet the team title. please can you advise.
  2. Also in the service boxes I would like these to change to gold once hovered over, please can you tell me were I can change the colour. I have attached a screen shot and taken the site out of maintainence mode for now
On the about page please can you advise were I can change the colour of title, please see screen shots


  • Hi douglas1979

    Sure we will hellp you in all your query but step by step so there is your first query solution is here.

    Paste the below given css code in custom css box.

    .service .section-title .section-heading {
        color: #266daf;
    .team-bg .section-title .section-heading {
        color: #266daf;

    Change the color code as you need.

  • thank you so much that has worked
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