Font color will not change?

I can not get the font color to change in the paragraph directly below the slider. The Services Headline works but the paragraph directly below will not change from the original color. I have tried the color choices in template settings but it won't change for me. Can I force it to change some how? Any help would be appreciated.
Greg Sharp


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    You mean to change the description color of each title of the section. For that, for each respective sections, you can use the custom CSS from the LINK to paste in your theme's custom CSS box.

    Let me know if further need any assistance!

  • The font color I can not change only seems to be in one paragraph if you go to my site you will notice right below the slider I have a headline our mission which font I changed color to black and it worked it is the paragraph below you will notice it is light blue. I would like to change it to black. Does this explain it better?
  • Sorry about the last message I got it worked out using your suggestion. Thanks SharpIdeas

  • Glad to help you!

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