Implement short codes foe widgets?

I was surprised when I purchased the theme, that the different custom widgets that it has on the main page were not short-code enabled.
Currently, from my understanding, the POST/PAGE needs to be assigned a specific LAYOUT and it will then display the special custom page.
This makes it impossible to add different custom widgets that are part of the theme onto different pages.  The setting affect all pages using the special page layout type..
In other words it is impossible to create different looking pages with different widgets.

If SHORT CODES were also made available, you could inject them into any PAGE by simply referring to a short-code in that page that refers to a widget supplied in the theme.

Is this likely to be added in the future?


  • Hi, @jamiegau

    You can achieve this feature just by adding the custom code in the Code Snippets plugin.

    You can use the respective shortcode to call the homepage sections on your page/posts:-


    Let me know did it work!

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