SEO text blocks on Homepage


I would like to add some blocks/space for extra texts in order to have more writen content.

Is there a way?


  • Hi, @digital wizards

    Do you mean to add an extra text block section on the homepage? Please briefly explain your query again.

    Let me know, please!

  • Hi Imraz,

    Yes, that's correct. 
  • edited December 2018
    Hi, @digital wizards

    To add this customization you need to become a little bit developer.

    Just download this FILE and place it in the child theme folder of your theme. Edit the file and replace dummy HTML b/w these lines:-
    <!--Replace the below HTML to Past your Own-->

    <p> Replace DUMMY HTML with your own one!!!</p>

    <!--Plese don't replace me! I am the last line to indicate the end here-->

    * Best way to get HTML, use WordPress page/post editor to create content and just copy after switching it to Edit as HTML ( Screenshot: )
    * To set the position of this HTML block you can paste this below code in the function.php file or use code snippets plugin:

    define(MyBlock, 'Client Strip');//(Can Replace Client Strip with the following )slider   Service Section    Project Section    Blog Section    Team Section     Testimonials Section

    * To add a style you can use class  myBlock to past in theme's custom CSS
        For eg: 
    .myBlock{background-color: #faebd7;}

    Thank you
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