Tag is not vissible


For any reason whatsoever our tags aren't displaying in the blog if you click on them in the pro version. In the free version they do work well.

Any suggestions?

Best regards,


  • Thank you for contacting Webriti Support! My name is Akhilesh  and I'll be more than happy to help you today.  We appreciate you being patient with us.

    Check our  pro theme  demo its  working well.

    Let me  know are you using any plugin , if yes kindly deactivate all plugin one by one and check your issue resolve or not bz it may be any  plugin conflict with the theme.

    Feel free to ask us for any confusion. 



  • Hi Akhilesh,

    Thank you for your prompt reply! 

    I've installed both your pro and free version. The tags are working in the free version (see screenshot above), but aren't working in the pro version (see screenshot above). Also, I''ve disabled the plugins (just 3), but it doesn't make any sense. 

    If you like, I can give you adminrights.I also have cleared cookies.

    Any ideas?

    Best regards,
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