Repeat section

i would like to repeat section in my main page
for example i would like to have section slide after section service after section slide again and after section service ?

how can i do that ?



  • Hi 
    Thanks for contacting to us . 
    Let me confirm are you want to repeat slider section after service section . 
    Want to show slide  top and below of the service section ?

    Like the snapshot

    Kindly confirm us so that we can assist you better . 


  • Yes this what i want and after repeating slide section i wanna repeat also service section
    But i want also to put a different content on each section repeated

  • Hi 
    After  research on your issue , Its possible to repeat slider and service section but same content . 
    Repeat section with difference content , Its a part of feature enhancement  . 
    Its required much code customization , Its beyond the scope of theme support . 
    For this you need to hire a developer to do it .


  • Ok can you show me how to repeat section with same content?

  • edited November 2018
    To Repeat Slider section below the service section .
    To do so, you need to create a child theme, For creating a child theme refers this link
    Ignore if you have already created child theme .After it  Create a new file in the child theme with name  front-page.php  and edit it, then paste the code in it from .

    2 Again create index-slider2.php   and edit it, then paste the code in it from

    Save changes and activate your child theme.

  • Step 2 
    Go to Appearance >> Customizer>> General Setting >> Find the custom css box . 
    Add the below css code inside the custom css box . 

    .slide-caption {
    width: auto;

    Let me know for any confusion . 


  • ok great i find another way to do it 
    but if it does not work i will try it and let you know 

    Thanks for your support
  • Ok, Sure .
    Let me know for any confusion . 


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