Theme update - how to?

Good day everyone.

On 14.12.2017 I have bought "Appointment" premium theme. Now I have realised, that I haven't received any update. My version is 2.4, now the actual version is 2.7.3 (I suppose).

I have paid for it, so why didn't I receive any notification about updates?! Why do you call it "1 year of Theme Updates", but don't tell anything about it?? As I understand, there is a cool update-system in WordPress, so why do I not receive those updates? Why do I need to search for it everywhere, why can't I download actual version from my premium-panel " amember/ member"?

Do you think, it's correct? I have paid you, why do I need to worry about updates? 

So the question is, HOW can I update my theme?



  • Hi 
    Thanks for asking query to us .
    Withing the time during of one year , You can update theme with latest version . 
    We provide theme update and support for only one year , Read this link . 
    To update theme theme refer this link . 

    For pro theme , we don't have notification system for theme update like the wordpress light version update notification . 
    Further we will  implement update notification for pro theme . 
    Thanks for your suggestion . 

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    Thank you so much for answer.

    What is the last version of pro-theme? In the premium-panel there is 2.4.3, but on Wordpress-page 2.7.2.


  • HI 
    Latest version of pro theme  In the premium-panel there is 2.4.3 . 

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