Problem with Display on mobile

besides the problem I mentioned last time,
would you please kindly explained why this page will be displayed so awkward on mobile as attached?

and how will you provide support to tackle this?


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    Hi, @steven_lidi

    Thanks for contacting us :)

    Please share your site URL, let me see how this layout gets distorted.
  • it's under construction and test, please kindly keep that in mind. thanks.
  • the font of website name is too large , and the menu thing and the search box are a little messy there. seems not responsive.
  • Please try to deactivate your active plugins one by one, may be any one of the activated plugin conflicts with JS of the theme.
  • from which one best?
  • it's all I let remain now, plugins
  • could you please kindly check alternatively for me over there? current issue is when viewers switch to mobile site, messy display will appear, but full site view is fine.
  • I located that
  • when Jetpack by deactivated, the mobile view goes normal.
  • so, what's the solution now?

  • Activate only the Jetpack plugin and deactivate rest all. It could not happens only by this plugin, maybe other cause this.

    Let me confirm!

  • just did as you told. onlyJetpack plugin active now,  better, but display still a little different/some parts missing/messy.
  • Hi, @steven_lidi

    It's fine now, try after clear your browser cache memory. And just keep de-active the wp-cache plugin until not completely configured your theme.

    Some part missing because still, you have not configured your theme completely.

    Please follow Help Documents to configure your theme in a correct way.

    Furthermore queries please create another new separate ticket.

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