i want a prject show style without create project page template.

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1. i want a project function in my current Products page(https://www.woolars.com/products/), but i don't want create this page by create project template.  Because my prducts page  has many direcotries,  i will put articles under Directory 2.See snapshot: https://prnt.sc/kwxezc.  This means i can not create pages, because page's category don't allow me to put articles.   

2. Directory 1 and Products parent category, i don't want put articles, i want put somethging like projects, (NOT PROJECTS, JUST LIKE PROJECTS.)  It has a pictue and a title, has no content, It shows like: https://prnt.sc/kwxk4t (make by phonto shop just for reference.)

What can i do?

Thank you very much if you could read my detailed question before reply. 
Best regards


  • Hi, @woolars

    Means you want portfolio (  https://prnt.sc/kwxk4t  ) under Directory 2? And you said you can't able to do.

    First, of fall, I want you to say, Project template ( portfolio-3-column ) gives almost the same layout as in the screenshot & even you can put your own custom link for each title of projects in it.SCREENSHOT

    Not only you also can put the link under the Directory 2 ( SCREENSHOT ) like as doing menu setting

    However, if you want to modify the project template in a certain way I will provide custom code for that. 

    Let me know again please if there is any misunderstanding regarding query.

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    hahaha, Glad to see you Dear Imraz, i do hope you to answer this issue. 

    The products show style is most most important for us, we want a smarter products exhibition style for users, something like in this link: http://www.gearmotor-china.com/product/

    1. plz see this https://prnt.sc/kwxezc. ;    Products is parent directory for Directory 1.    And Directory 1 Parent directory for Directory 2.     

    2. For better understanding, plz chick my link and see the menue, Products include directory 1 such as Gearbox, Motor, Linear Motion and etc. And Geabox include directory 2 such as Planetary gearbox, RV reducer and so on.

    3. When someone click Products, i want this page show five picture and title.  1 has link to Gearbox page, 1 has link to Motor page, 1 has link to Linear motion page, 1 has link to CNC Parts page, and the last is link to Robot page

    4.When client click Gearbox page, i want it show 6 picture and title, 1 is link to planetary gearbox page, 1 is link to RV reducer page, 1 is link to Harmonic Drive page, 1 is link to Rotary table& indexer page, 1 is link to Speed increaser page, and the last link to Engineer gearbox page. 

    5. All The Directory 2, i will put articles under them.   This mean, every directory 2 will has its own articles.   This is one of my reasons why i don't use project page.
  • I have less knowledge about website, so any suggestion too get this function will be welcomed. 

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    Hi, @woolars

    Now, I understand your requirement. Use WP Gallery Custom Links plugin. This plugin just adds additional options( href(link) option for each image in the media library) 

    Now you can create a page and can insert a gallery in it as WordPress default. Each image of the gallery now capable of having it's custom own link & also it's title(caption) with own link. [ for each image caption use this patter to insert: <a href="http://news.com">YourTitle</a> ]

    In a summarised way, follow the screenshots:

    And rearrange the menu & sub-menu using the menu settings

    Maybe you would be confused, but let me know how much you got my words.

  • Hi imraz

    1. Plz read my No.5 description. I will put articles under directory 2. and different directory 2 files will have different articles.  This is extremely important! So, the Prodocts Page, and Directory 2 can be created only by category, Not by page, never by page. 
    Thus, your WP Gallery link solution is no use for me.  

    2. I think my required function is very very basic for website building, i hope it could be realized by code.  do plz check this site: their products exhibition way is very smart, Busiprof is a little bit awkward, if this not solve, busiprof will be no use for me.

    3. Please think about this, we have hundereds of products. Each products we will write an article, and put these articles in those Directory 2.   
    Products page will show brief guide to Directory 1. 
    Directory 1 will show brief guide to Directory 2
  • Imraz,
    For better understanding, i took time making a picture for you. Hope this could do help. https://prnt.sc/kxfohz

    This funciton is the most important in our requirments, and highly important. Thank you for your kind help and understanding.

    Thank you.

    Woolars Team.
  • Imraz,
    For better understanding, i took time making a picture for you. Hope this could do help. https://prnt.sc/kxfohz

    This funciton is the most important in our requirments, and highly important. Thank you for your kind help and understanding.

    Thank you.

    Woolars Team.
  • Hi, @woolars

    Maybe you don't know about the custom link. Please look at the screenshot: http://prntscr.com/kxxo62

    All you need now to use to create the custom link for A, B, C, A1, A2 and so on & for each assign created page links having respectively your desired pictures, titles with attached custom links.

    Please share your wp-admin details on my email-address ( [email protected] ) if possible. Let me show you 1 demo example how you can achieve this pattern.

  • good evening imraz,

    new post goes to A1 A2 A3 B1 B2 B3
    new post goes to A1 A2 A3 B1 B2 B3

    have you considered about the A1 A2 and A3?
    these categories we will put articles(new post we choose to show in these category)

    which means when I add a new post, and I choose the category A1, this article will show only and automatically under A1.

    A1 A2 and A3 I do not need your help, keep what it is right now, and only help me with PRODUCTS and A B C page.

    I explain again: I can not use PAGE to create my menu, I can only use CATEGORY. because if I use page, I can not put new post under specific category, such as A1 A2 and A3.

    maybe your solution is OK for PRODUCTS page and A B C page. But A1 A2 and A3 page will depress me.

    we will be happy If you could solve this issue by code. too much plugin will slow site. if can not solve by code, then we consider about pluggin

    thank you.
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    Hi, @woolars

    I am sharing a template code, using it you can create the specific category page for each of your desired categories to show all its posts belong to it. (I designed it only to show the post's featured image & it's title)

    Suppose A, B & C are the categories. If you load category page A, that will show all the post's images & it's title belong to it. Similarly for B and C. As the new posts increases to any category, the category page automatically adds it to show. You can do same if want to consider A1 A2 A3 B1 B2 B3 are the categories.

    Let me confirm first before I share the custom code that is it the same as you need.

  • Thank you so s much Imraz, this question is solved by your 5 star service. 

    we do appreciate. 

    For other users may have same problem.   I would like to write down my solution:
    I used a plugin named category image, and customized the category.php code to match it.

    More info plz contact busiprof tech support imraz.     He is genius. 
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    Glad to help you! @woolars 

    Query resolved on email. Thanks for the compliment!

    Rate us with your kind review if you like our Theme and Support.

    Thanks :)
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