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I have changed the layout of my blog section on the homepage to the same design as the 'projects' section. I like this layout so much that I would like to use it on a separate page as well. 

At this moment the layout of a page with blogs doesn't look very nice to me. I would very much like to have it looking exactly as the blog overview on my homepage, also in four columns. 

Is this possible??   


  • Hi, @kcargos

    However, I could not recommend because of this change you will surely miss some features. Although to get this layout, just
    create a child theme of BusiProf PRO theme, ignore if you already using a child theme. In child theme create a new file with name template-masonry-4-col.php and edit it, then paste the code in it from

    Activate the child theme if not activated and let me know did it work!

  • Hi Imraz, 

    thank you! 

    Before I install, what kind of features will I be missing? 
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    Hi, @kcargos

    Mainly two features as indicated in the screenshotHowever, it could be ignored if you don't' need anymore even for the default layout.
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    Ok, thanks again.

    One last question, for previous changes I could use the already existing files from the parent template. How do I create a new file, since I don't see template-masonry-4-col.php anywhere? (I am using Child Theme Configurator plugin)
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    template-masonry-4-col.php file already exists in the parent theme. To overwrite the layout of this template we again creating the same file also in the child theme have the changed layout. You even can copy this file and then paste it in your child theme, after that edit it, & replace the whole code of it by

    Let me know again please if further have any confusion!
  • Any update?
  • I'm sorry, I don't see it. Do you mean the template-project-4-column.php file?

  • Please use File manager plugin to create a new file in your child theme. In your screenshot, I even can't see any file with name template-masonry-4-col.php

    Try to create using the above plugin, or you even can share admin details if you are uncomfortable to add these changes.

  • I've sent you an email
  • Hi, @kcargos

    You are using the older version 1.9.3 of BusiProf PRO theme. Please update your theme with the latest Version 1.9.7 

    The latest version has some additional templates for the blog and for other. You can see our updated DEMO site.

    After the update, you will then notice the template-masonry-4-col.php file exit in your updated theme. Now follow the process to create a file with name template-masonry-4-col.php in child theme, and edit to paste THIS code in it.

    You can follow this link to update your PRO theme. Before update keeps at least one backup copy of your current theme for your sake.

    Let me know if further need any help!
  • I've installed the updated theme but I don't see any changes on the blog page..

    How do I get all my changes to css back in this theme? Like the lay out of the blog/project section on the homepage (its now two columns in stead of four). And all the changes in customizer > extra CSS
  • The extra CSS I just copied
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    Get confirmed on mail, this thread is resolved. Your theme updated and layout changed successfully!

    You can rate us with your kind review HERE

    Closing this thread!!!
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