Use the design of 'Recent Projects' section as the Blog/News

I would like to use the 'Recent Projects' section as the Blog/News, instead of having the design for the blog layout on the homepage, I want to use the design for the project layout instead.

I have created a child theme and pasted the code in it from

First time doing this so I must have done something wrong, since no changes seem to be happening.

Can somebody help please?


  • Hi, @kcargos

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    You can follow THIS thread to achieve the same layout of Recent Projects for Blog/News:

    Let me know did it work!
  • Yes, I have read that thread. Thats how I came to do all of the above.

    But it doens't seem to change anything, I mist have done something wrong. Maybe with adding the code to the child theme. Can you help me check whats going wrong?
  • Hi, @kcargos

    It's working fine at our end. Please confirm have you activated the child theme or not?
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    Wow, no I did not activate the theme... which was the problem.. 

    Thanks a lot! 

    The only thing now is that it shows both lay-outs. The 'old' blog section, and the new one with the new design. 
    Please, how do I remove the first one only? (because if I switch it off in Customizer, it deletes both versions)

  • I even don't have any guess why does it happen. Try to load the page after deactivating if any cache plugin is activated. Even then if it does not resolve your issue, then I need your wp-admin details to debug the issue at my email address: [email protected]

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    Perfect, all works well now, thank you so much!!! 
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