Add text in /blog template


I would like to add text above the blog posts using the blog 4 rows template:

With the 'about us' template it is possible:


  • Hello 
    Thanks for asking query to us .
    See the snapshot and confirm us Is it the right place would you want to add   additional text . 

    Kindly confirm us so that we can assist you better . 

  • Hi,

    Yes, that's the exact idea. Is taht possible?
  • Hello
    Thanks for contacting to us .
    To do so, you need to create a child theme ,For creating child  theme refer this link .
    . Ignore if you have already created child theme .After it  Create a new file in the child theme with name template-masonry-4-col.php  and edit it, then paste the code in it from

    Save changes and activate your child theme.
    Then add the your desired content in Blog 4 Column Mosonry template editor .

    Feel free for further assistance . 

    Did the above solution work for you !

  • Hi, thanks, I added it directly in the editor. There seems to be only one problem with the spacing?
  • Hello
    To make space above the text  you have added  , Use the below css code and past the css code inside the custom css box . 

    .container.blog_m_margin {
        margin-top: 27px;

    Change margin top value as your need .

  • thanks, it worked.
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