Jerking footer when you croll on tablets or smartphones

First of all, why do fuck you act like that...wrong filed was choosen. You r fuckin not friendly at all. You r angry on me, i should be instead. Jesus, i dont believe it

I ve noticed (since beginning) bug you have on theme, when you scroll
down to bottom of page, all theme starts jerking and you cannot control
that site is going up and down all of a sudden. Solution ?!?!?!


  • I m your fuckin customer, dont fuck me with jira, i m know i m not the only one, but for Christ sake, behave in business manners
  • Don t force me to post things on my professional LinkedIN, you really dont want to play with me on that level. I mhuman, not AI. If you continue to act like this i will be forced to go public, i now you dont care the fuck about me, but i have some connections, and you wont be pleased.

  • Dear @mjeren

    Please wait... I am replying after noticing on a mobile phone.
  • I being polite for all this time, i even aksed to write your testimonial, not to get offf site SEO benefits, cause i tought you r my business vendor thats serious. I m pissed like never before
  • Hi, @mjeren

    We could not able to view your HTML source, please allow your site so that we can able to inspect the HTML elements.
  • I deactivated copy protection, now you can inspect html

  • It most probably happens due to any one of your activated plugins. Please try to check this issue after deactivating your plugins one by one.

    Let me know the plugin name which causes this issue!
  • I said that this issue was registered when i bought the theme, and not single plugin was installed. Now you ll say same stuff again. i wish India was closer so we can drink dark cup of tea, cause we r lost in translation. All the time, you redirect, and direct and direct and redirect and on repat zillion times, is this your theme at all, do you even exist, is this AI writing. I ll learn hindu, maybe then you ll undestand and i ll bring holly cow respected the most, but i seriously doubt you ll get it
  • Hi, @mjeren

    Could you please send me your wp-login details. We often need to request for admin details where we need to debug such issue that could not be resolved only from the frontend side. 

  • Dear @imraz thats not option at all. How on Earth can you ask me this question? This like I asked you for your PIN bank account. Jesus Christ. Please close ticket, i ll live with jerking off

  • Please use all the slider images of the same dimensions. Different dimension images could cause the jerking effect while sliding the images till up to the footer end.

    The standard size of the slider image is of width: 1600 px and height: 750 px

    Let me know if it does works!
  • Ok, i ll try with that @imraz
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