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I have two requests for the projects section:

1) Is there a way to remove the displayed project category above the project items?

Every project item title is set up as a link. Since I do not want to
provice specific project pages and rather just display the projects with
a mini information to it: is there a way to delete the link

Thank u very much.



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    Hi hansetzen
    a. To hide project category from your hoem page project section add the given css code in your theme custom css box 

    .portfolio-tabs {
        display: none;

    2. It requires core code customize so i will suggest you to add customize code  in child theme you can read more about child theme here

    Now Follow given instructions.

    a. Create a child theme you can use this plugin to create child theme

    b. Go to in your theme directory and copy index-portfolio.php and now go to in your child theme directory and paste here index-portfolio.php file.

    c. Find attached code in and replace in your child theme index-portfolio.php file.

    d. Activate your child theme 

    Let me know did it work.

  • Hi,

    1) works perfectly! Thank u.

    As to 2)

    I cannot find a index-portfolio.php - the closest files are single-busiprof_portfolio.php or index-project.php
    (btw - somehow by creating a child theme it does not transfer the actual data and pictures for slider etc. - projects are there (but customized in wp anyway, so no suprise there - do I have to transfer the theme settings somehow?)
  • Hi

    Ok no problem go to in your child theme directory and create a file index-portfolio.php and paste the above given code in child theme index-portfolio.php file.

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