Feed has stopped displaying AGAIN!


This plugin has stopped working again.

I am seeing the usual error message displayed "Cannot display feedplease check if the Facebook page exists or not"

When will you have an updated plugin version ready for customers? This plugin has been out of service for over a week now, it is crucial for some of my client websites.

I have viewed other posts about this same issue. I have followed the below advice - which has not worked for me. Any other suggestions? 

Yes you can easy add your access token in our plugin.

Go to in your plugin directory >> facebook-feed-shortcode.php
Find line number 1376 and here replace this line of code 
$access_token = $wff_app_token[rand(0, 2)];
With this new line 
$access_token = '1505917499687703|2133Lp1cLt6Zk0N2por8X8QJf9k';

Replace this higlighted accesstoken with your accesstoken.


  • Hi gavlive

    Can you please share your facebook page id and your facebook page access token on my email address so we can check this and let you know.

  • Hi Abishek - I emailed the requested info across to you, earlier today.

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