Feed not updating from Facebook Page

I have the latest version running (Version 1.6.4), and our facebook page has had updates since the 16th of Nov but for some reason the system is not showing any Facebook updates. 



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    Hi igerada

    Kindly share site url and  Facebook page url so we can check this and let you know whats going wrong in your end.

  • ISame here - I get the following error on the page 

    Cannot display feedplease check if the Facebook page exists or not

    I'm not holding my breath - support from this company is terrible - I have a valid licence they have never returned an email to me with help. 
  • Hi All 

    This is being caused by some recent Facebook API changes. We are working on this and already submit our app again for approved on Facebook. still, if you have your own page access token you can use that one. we will provide you instructions to use access token in our plugin code file.

    We are really sorry for this.

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