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Hi there,

Following recent Wordpress, Theme and Plugin updates I have encountered a few new issues on my site (beautiful-naturally.co.uk), even though I use a Child theme:

Missing pages and broken links: there are 2 broken links on the homepage - Gift Vouchers (should link to the Gift Vouchers page but doesn’t) and Brochure (should link to the Brochure page but doesn’t) - I can’t work out how to update these links as I can’t see where these items exist in the back-end of the site any more - have they moved following the theme update?  I thought they were in the ‘Services’ section but can’t find that anywhere?  If you could tell me where to update these links that would be great!  Upon further investigation the actual Pages (‘Brochure’ and ‘Gift Vouchers’) also seem to have disappeared - where might they be found?  I definitely didn't delete them.

There is a holding page on my site at the moment but I have previously shared the login details with you so please feel free to log in and look around the back-end of the site.



  • Hello 
    Dear you have updated theme with latest package . 
    In our newer version we  manage service section via widget , Our older version of theme  have service custom post type . and we managed service section via custom post type feature .

    Right now I have added  service section with the help of widgetized feature .
    Now the service pages are available in WP-Admin >> Pages area
    You can edit page content as your need . 
    For more help regarding how to  add content on service section refer our help docs link . 

    Let me know for any confusion . 

  • Thank you, I have fixed this now, this thread can be closed.
  • Hello 
    Glade to know that its  resolve !
    Look forward see you again at webriti. 

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