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Is it possible to change the featured image size in a post?  I would like it to be much smaller. 


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    Hi, @craigmckee

    Yes, you can change the size of featured image in single post view.

    Following are the image size, you can consider anyone:

    thumbnail         - Thumbnail (150 x 150 hard cropped)
    medium            - Medium resolution (300 x 300 max height 300px)
    medium_large  - Medium Large (added in WP 4.4) resolution (768 x 0 infinite height)

    Let me know the size you want, then I will send you the custom code for the same.

    Thanks for contacting us :)
  • How do I do it in the single post view please? 

    I would like them medium ideally.

    Many thanks for the prompt reply! 

  • Create a child theme of Rambo pro theme, ignore if already using.

    Create a file in the child theme with name single.php and edit it, then paste the code in it from the link

    Save changes & activate your child theme.

    Let me know did it work.

  • Many thanks, I'll have a go.

  • Any update? Let me know have you been applied changes successfully?

  • Hi, @craigmckee Any Update please or allow us to close the discussion if query resolved :-S
  • Yes, sorry.  That worked - thank you for the follow up. 
  • @craigmckee Thanks for your response :)

    Closed the ticket!!!
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