Contact Details - how do you widen this field

How can I widen the contact details section? Its cutting off part of my email address onto a new line? 


  • Hi 
    Thanks for contacting to us . 
    See the snapshot and confirm me , Is it the right contact detail section would you want widen . 

    Kindly confirm so that we can assist you better . 

  • Hi, 

    No, the middle section with the contact details, Phone number, email address etc. I would like this to be wider and more central if possible?

  • Hi 
    If possible send me the snapshot by indicating the section would you want to make wider and more central . 

  • Hi 
    TO make wider the contact detail section . 

    1 Find the contact.php file located in your  theme folder . 

    2 Open it  and replace the code of it with the code mention in this link .  

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