contact form and our team not visibile on the website

Hi, I bought the wallstreet pro theme for my firt website (I'm not expert) but I have different problems:

_ I cannot insert the "CONTACT FORM" with the aesthetics of the wallstreet theme (currently I have set contact form 7)
_I set the "OUR TEAM" section and clicked on publication (I've already read and followed step by step the tutorial on your website), but it isn't visible on the site 
_I cannot insert the modules of the "SERVICES" section in the order as I would like
_Actually, I can't see on the website the next "PORTFOLIO PROJECTS" between the first that I've published

How can I fix these problems?
I'm a little desperate!

Thank you very much,


  • Thanks for contacting us!

    Make sure have you assigned the Contact us template while creating a contact page. Like as in the screenshot

    If you have done this, you need to manage the contact page. Follow the link to manage the contact page settings.

    Let me know did it work.

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    Wow! It works! 
    I'm very happy because I've understand the mechanism (in essence I had to "add" a new page and "assign a template": About us, Contact Us, etc.) and now are visibile the sections on the website. 

    Thank' you very much,


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    Hi, @viviana88

    Glade to help you!

    More about to configuration Wallstreet Pro theme, follow our help documents.

    If you get any issue, feel free to ask again. Try to post one query at a time.

    We would really appreciate if you could provide us a kind review here:

    Thanks for contacting us :)
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