Is there any way to change the animation of the portfolio display at homepage?

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My customer ask me for a change on the animation in the portfolio display at homepage, she wants the images roll on one by one, not all the three dissapearing and reapearing in the next position. Is that possible?


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    For this refer this thread link . 

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  • That solution didn't work, the result is shown in the screenshot, I only want that when I the user clicks on the arrows the next 3 images will be shown
    Captura de pantalla 2018-02-22 14.48.48.png
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    I bought a theme but your site dont give information hoy can i use, and install
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    Thanks for asking query to us . 
    Never post your issue other client ticket bz it create complexity to handle better support query . 
    To install theme refer this link  and to set up content in our theme kindly read our theme help docs link . 

  • What about my issue?
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