set category

like to have blog category with all last post with miniature and incipit like
in the bottom of home page. How is possible to set like this the blog category?


  • Hello
    We have little confusion regarding your issue . 
    Kindly more clear about your issue so that we can assist  you better . 

  • sorry...
    thi is the website:

    At the bottom of home page the section 'what I doing now' is clear and beautiful. I'd like to have the same situation in the category 'blog' when I click and enter...


  • edited February 2018
    Ok I understood . 
    You want blog category  template having   two column layout . 
    Right now our blog category page  is like that  see link

    For converting it  into two column layout required much code customization . 
    Its a part of layout customization beyond the scope of  our support . 

    So I suggest you to use Blog Musonry page template it will so result like that , see demo page . 

    Let me know for any confusion . 

  • ok, thanks. I try.
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