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  • The opening of subpages in service, for example, shows the pages then with the picture on the left and a long text column to the right. How can this be changed so that the text is distributed over the entire page and the image on top?
  • Hi 

    Pls clearly explain your issue  . 

    And also send us Screen Shot of section oh which you facing problem .



  • How can we have the text at the hole space there not only in one colum?
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  • Hi

    For this you need to edit core theme file.

    Firstly I recommend you to create a child theme , than, copy paste the file  single-healthcenter_project.php of parent theme  in the child theme folder.

    Secondly Edit the file and find this  different Two    line of code 

     LIne NO 24                        <div class="col-md-8">

     Line No 32                     <div class="col-md-4 hc_portfolio_detail_sidebar">

    And Replace it with it 

      <div class="col-md-12">

    <div class=" hc_portfolio_detail_sidebar">


  • Many thanks, I will modify that the next days! :\">
  • wunderful, your advice works fine, thanks so much. But now the Image is spread over the hole page on top. How can we get the original size of the Image comes to display on top of the page?
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    For this you have to create a Child theme

    To create a child theme  follow this link
    After creating a child theme follow the given below instructions :

    Firstly create a single-healthcenter_project.php file into the child theme directory

    then copy the code from single-healthcenter_project.txt (which is given below in the attachment ) file and

    paste into single-healthcenter_project.php file of your child theme directory.

    and save the changes.


  • Excellent, it works as desired. I have the code text inserted into the existing child only in the file "single-healthcenter_project.php" using copy and paste. Many thanks! You might close this request.
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