Access To Text At Bottom Of Project Page

On the bottom of the project page is the following text "Related Projects We offer great services to our clients"

Where and how can I edit this ? 

A screenshot is attached. 


  • Hi Oops 
    Sorry for your inconvenience . 
    There is a little mistake we did not provide settings to manage the  Other related text and description . 
    We will fix it in next update .  Thanks for remind this issue . 
    To resolve now . 
    Just simply follow the given below instruction . 
    1  Find the single-wallstreet_portfolio.php file (located in your theme folder ) .

    2  find the below lines of code on line  no  82 and 86 . 

    <h1><?php echo $current_options['related_portfolio_title']; ?></h1>

    line 86 
    <p><?php echo $current_options['related_portfolio_description']; ?></p>

  • edited October 2017
    3  And replace the code of it with the code respectively .

    Line 82 with this 

     <h1><?php echo ("Related Project text"); ?></h1>

    Line 86  with this .

    <p><?php echo (" We offer great service to our client  description "); ?></p>

    Change text which was I made red as your need . 
    Let  me know for any confusion .

  • Thank you, I commented-out the original code, and they new code is just what we need !

    Thanks again. 
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