Missing the fa-icons at services

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Even, if I put in the correct fa-icon name at each services. They are not shown at the website.
Thanks Otmar


  • hii zembold
    send me either snapshot of page where you wrote icon-text or font name.

    thanks vijay 
  • I agree to delete the circles with the fa-icons. How to do that? I put the right name from the Awesome Website under "featured Service", but ist does not work.
    Thanks an best regards
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    Hi  zembold

    You can not use  featured image and font awesome icon simultaneously .

    If you want to use font awesome icon you have to remove featured image  from the  service .

    Edit  the respective service and click on remove featured image(Beitragsbild entfernen)  link .

    Let me know for further assistance.



  • Hi Akhilesh, I can't find any hints or buttons if I open one of the 4
    links at dashboard/Service to click on a "remove featured service" link.
    Now I fixed that with a new upload of your theme-file
    index-servcie.php. Otmar
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    Is your issue resolved ?

    Can I Close this thicket ?


  • Yes, many thanks, Otmar
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