Problem in portfolio

I am making some changes in the portfolio section, adding the second language (first language italian, second language english).
I want that the section I added "Progetti" will correspond to the english section "projects" but as I canceled something I have a message saying "it is not possible to modify this element because you have canceled it". I tried to cancel everything and start again from the beginning, I only want to add 4 post in the portfolio section (both in italian and english).
Can you help?
I add 2 screenshots of the italian and english sections of portfolio.
Thank you!



  • Hi
    Thanks for contacting us . 
    I have tittle confusion regarding your thread . 
    Pls more clear your issue ,  what do you want exactly . 
    So that we can assist you better .

    Sorry for inconvenience . 

  • You are right, it is a bit complicate!
    I try to explain again: I am managing portfolio with polylang, I added the first image of portfolio and the link for italian (that is the first language), but when I add the correspondent page of portfolio in english (that is the second language) and save, it also change the link of the portfolio in italian of the correspondant page. I hope it is more clear.
    Which is the problem?
    You can check entering in portfolio and checking Progetti and Projects, that are correspondant pages, the first in italian and the second in english.
    Thank you,
  • Hi
    I think you are using older version of theme . 
    Our theme latest version of theme we already sorted out this issue . 

    Our theme latest version is  @version 2.1.3 

    If you are using older version of theme update theme with latest version of theme . 
    To update theme refer this link 

    Let me know for any confusion  . 


  • ok, thank you very much, you can close
  • Hi
    Glade to know that its work for you .
    Look forward see  you again at webriti. 

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