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I am able to re-format the contact page in the customise.  However when I go to the website,  it defaults to a standard generic contact page.  Why do I have these options and why are all of the contact information clearly indicated in the back end,  but I can not see these changes in the website.


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    Its working perfect at our end . 
    It may be some conflict at  your end . 
    Are you using any plugin if yes deactivate all plugin one bye  one bz it may be any plugin conflict with the theme . 

    Let me know for further assistance . 

    If still does not resolve your issue pls share your site url . 

  • Hello,

    It is still not working.  Here is my url:

    How do I assure the dropdowns are working?  I don't need website as an option.
  • Hi

    We have little confusion regarding your issue . 
    Pls more clear your issue . Where did you want to add drop down . 

  • Hi

    Any update here ?

  • Yes,
    When you add a new page, there is an option right next to ADD MEDIA that says ADD CONTACT FORM.  When I create the contact form, it does not correspond to the options that I chose and created in the form maker.  In other-words, no matter what changes I make to the ADD CONTACT FORM PAGE,  there is always a generic page. 
  • HI
    Let us clear are you want  contact page like our demo contact page . 

    Pls let us  know .

  • Yes but I don't wnat the contact lines like you have.
    Instead of the WEBSITE I want the pull down with options like it is in the form at the back end. I am able to format it in your back end but it does not provide the same information as I have formatted based on your form in the dashboard.  Does that make sense?
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