Slider configuration (to much space at bottom)

Hi, i add a slider to my page.
First of all there is too much space at the buttom to the next section see below:
and is it possible to change also the size of the slider ?


  • Hi atom13

    Because your are using version 1.5.3 so you have  to need set some  setting in service section.

    Go to in to  Appearance >> customise >> Home page settings >> service settings 

    Enter here 

    Site info, call now text,call now number 

    Follow attached screen shot

    Let me know did it work

    Or if you want to hide this let me know.


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    To reduce bottom space below the slider . 

    Navigate to the Appearance << Customizer << Header setting << Custom css box . 

    Add the below css code inside this box . 

    .hc_slider { margin-bottom : 0px  ! important ; }
    .hc_home_border { 0 auto 10px  ! important ; }

    Change css property  value as your need .

    For your slider size issue . 
    If you want bigger size image , Kindly upload your required size image . 
    You can mange size via the code ,  But we do not recommend this .. 
    Bz it will effect on the responsive ness of the website . 


  • yes i want to hide this areas:

    only visible should be: service title an the 4 service sections

  • Hi atom13,

    Then you can use css code as suggest by akhilesh.

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    i want to reduce the size of the slider width and height, maybe enough only the picture size an then with a frame, or otherwise the complete slider.

    i add the css but not completely happy with this. there is still the call out area and also a lot of space at the service section title to this seperating line. (above "Herzlich Willkommen")
  • Hi atom13 

    Akhilesh already suggest you to upload slider image with your required size. 
    If you are sure to change slider size via code then you can use this css code.

    .flex-viewport {
        max-height: 579px !important;

    change value as your need.

  • Hi atom13

    Any update here?

  • Sorr for my late response,
    the problem with the size i couldnt work on, because i have to wait for new pictures.

    But i have a next question.
    There is also a smal box below the picture with text, but not so many signs are allowed i guess. how can i change this , also the box size is a bit fit not well lets say. There is a lot of space around, check my site for see what i mean
  • Hi atom13

    Kindly create a new thread for you newly question. So we can help you better.

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