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How can I remove the service section text content and just display the Service Titles (Effectiveness, Experience, Empathy, etc) and read more links but remove the text content (like this area... We don’t offer a service unless we believe that we’ll be able to achieve an 80% patient satisfaction rate. Rather than offer the....) on the home page? Using Health Centre Pro Version.

Thanks for any help!



  • Hi celibre

    Paste this given css rule in your theme custom css box.

    .home .hc_service_area p:first-of-type{

    Let me know how its goes.


  • Hi  Dear @celibre 

    Sure we will do for you . 
    But firstly update your theme package with latest package  .You are using older version of theme . 
    With the help of latest version of theme we can do it very easily without changing into the code of theme file . 

    To update the theme refer this link . 

    To use the latest version refer this docs . 

    Let me know for further assistance .


  • I didn't use a child theme feature so don't want to update the new version and lose all of the custom changes I've made.
  • Hi @celibre

    Don't worry not need to update theme for this small change  you can hide your service content from custom css.

    Let me you try with above given css code 

    .home .hc_service_area p:first-of-type{

  • Worked great! Thanks!

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    Hi @celibre

    Glad to know.

    Your site looking nice.
    If you like our theme and support kindly do us a favour post a supper review here ;

    Let me know if you have any other quetions.

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